Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday and Swine Flu

I got up early and went shopping on Black Friday! I was waiting at the door to Joann's at 5:40 for them to open at 6 AM. I was pleasantly shocked at how awake I was! I had a list of things to get that were on sale and when I was hearing that everyone was looking for a Cricut, I knew that I was safe with what I wanted! I picked up a gingerbread house kit for a co-worker and a rolling sewing machine tote for Barb. I also decided that since batting was 50% off for the weekend and another 20% off with an early bird coupon, I got a bunch! Woo hoo! This will last me for quite a while! And is cheaper than the bolt I got last year when I got the frame. AWESOME!!

Today, there were some other sales that I wanted to check out so I went to a different store. They didn't have everything that I wanted so I went to the Super Joann's in Mason and got everything else. Here is just a sampling of what I got. Some things will be sent in Christmas boxes so they aren't included here. :)


I had to get the replacement ruler because mine has been chipping when I have taken it to classes and on retreats and the chips can be very sharp. That one will now be designated as the travel ruler! ;) And of course, who can pass up 50% off thread and blades when you can take an additional 20% off of that, too! Great deals!!

Once I got home, Max decided that he wanted to help fight the Swine Flu. I hope this helps! lol



Jennifer said...

What, no picture of you hugging the bolt? Love the swines!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I so wish that we had a Joann's close by. You will love that magazine!! Mom snatched mine to look at, she loved the blocks in it.

Michelle said...

Great bargains, and I kept waiting for you to tell me about someone having the real swine flu, you turkey! You had me fooled!
Have a great tomorrow!

Jan said...

SOunds like you really had fun shopping---way to go! Lots of bargains there! Love the piggies and I can tell the doggies did, too!!!

Gina said...

Love Max fighting the swine Flu. I hope he won.
Looks like you had some great bargains. Enjoy using them

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Linda and Piwacket said...

Long live the swine! Very cute.

Regina said...

I think Nathan would rather have Max fighting swine flu for him than then shot he is going to get today.

Love the treasures! I agree with Jennifer, though - where is the bolt hugging picture???? LOL!