Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enjoying vacation

I have been enjoying my time off and relaxing and visiting with friends.

Monday, I finished assembling the last comfort quilt, but I haven't gotten a picture of it and I still haven't loaded it on the frame. I plan on loading it on Thursday and quilting it on Friday. Then, I will get a picture to share.

Once I was done with the comfort quilt, I worked on knitting while holding the dogs. The dogs were happy! I finished this dishcloth and the ends have been weaved in and it is ready for gifting.


Tuesday, I went over to Barb's to sew and to see Lucy and we ran to the Quilt Bug to see what they had. I got a couple of cute patterns, some fabric for the Ancient Stars patterns, a few FQs and a pack of fabric to make coasters. After we shopped, we went to Buffalo's for lunch and it was great! When we went back to Barb's, we had to entertain Lucy while trying to be productive and fight with Barb's irons. That was fun! I ended up getting 2 quilts almost entirely cut out, but that was it.


On Wednesday, I met Cathy and her daughter for lunch at Bob Evan's and then we went to Joann's. It was right there after all! I found this Radiant Sunshine and Shadow book which is where the pattern for the blue and yellow quilt was from, but here I got it for 40% off. I also got a package of Peppermint bark and a small ornament that will be shipped off soon.


Tonight, I spent some time cleaning up my scraps from the last few quilts an projects I have done. Then, I was too tired to work on anything else. I still have to straighten up again and work on laundry by the end of the weekend. I think that I can get all of that done!

And I realized that this is my 796th post. Just 4 more until I get to my 800th post. I'm trying to decide whether I should do a giveaway... I should really figure it out because I will probably hit that by the end of the month! Thoughts?


Gina said...

love the dishcloth.

That book looks great. i love the cover quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jamie W said...

The dishcloth is really pretty, I wish I could knit! I can crochet (basic crochet that is) but never could get the knitting down.

As for the give away, while your cleaning up from previous projects, put all the usable scrap pieces into a brown bag along with a pattern for a small scrap quilt or table runner or whatever (let the pattern be a surprise). Or maybe knit up a few dishcloths in Christmas colors.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!