Friday, November 20, 2009

Swap Blocks

This week was my last week at work before a week long vacation. It seemed to drag on forever! I'm so happy to be out of the office for the next 9 days and have plans to just stay home with my dogs and relax. I can't believe that I made plans to spend this week anywhere else. And I can't begin to explain how relieved I am to not be packing up the car right now to travel anywhere else to spend the week sewing! Honestly, it's like a weight was lifted 5 months ago, but I am still enjoying the change even now! :)

Anyway, one of the Yahoo groups that I am in had a block swap. I was the hostess so everyone sent their blocks to me and I got some goodies, too! Now that everyone has gotten their packages, I can share my pictures.

100_2188 Gina - with some extra goodies for me!




100_2192 Maureen

100_2193 Zarina

100_2194 Cheryl

100_2196 Shellie

100_2197 Regina

I love all of the blocks and I can't wait to put them into a quilt!

Also, in the process of assembling my blocks, I was working on the dog quilt. As soon as I trimmed up the edges and was working on the binding, I turned and saw this:


They couldn't wait for me to work on the binding! They had to test it out as soon as it touched the floor!


Anonymous said...

Well Jill, from those of us up north - we can honestly say we are glad you are not making the trip either! Get rid of the anger, be a kinder person and move on.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is we too are happy that you are staying home. Isn't it time you just let things go and move on? All of that anger could be chaneled into so many other things.

Michelle said...

What nice blocks, and what great gifts you received! Your puppies are cute, and I think they know what to do to make you smile.

I envy your week off. I love it when I have all that ME time, all to myself, do what I want, and (shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but to not get out of my jammies is just HEAVEN!) I only have a few more days of vacation coming to me, and only one more unplanned day, but complain I won't. I feel so blessed to still be working in this horrible economy.

Never take life for granted, enjoy every healthy day you have, be thankful for each day you can earn a paycheck, but most of all, sing praises to our loving God.

Be blessed, and have a WONDERFUL week off, and a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Gina said...

What a great lot of goodies you received, and not just from me. LOL
Thise dogs are so cute and helpful with the quilt testing. My big lump would just lie on top of it.
enjoy your me time this week, you deserve it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristie said...

Lot's of wonderful blocks and goodies! Such fun doing that! I'm sure the doggies will enjoy all of the attention they get this week! :)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Wow. Just wow.

To Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2.... Or should I just call you Jen and Cindy? (Why do you need to hide behind the 'anonymous?' Talk about childish.)

I'm posting this here because I know you will be back checking in. You just can't help yourselves!

RELIEF does not equal ANGER. I'm not sure how you can get the two emotions confused. They are totally diffferent!

It's funny that you are telling me to move on and get rid of some non-existent anger. How long has it actually been since we communicated in any way? And I don't mean you just reading my blog. You have no idea how real the relief is! On so many levels!

Maybe you all should take your own advice? Maybe? But you never moved on from Michelle or Kristie. The constant blog checking and complaining of that was proof enough. So, have you been enjoying my blog these last few months?

Now, I wasn't going to do this, but I'm going to remove the ability to post anonymously. If you've got something to say, own it! It's quite freeing!

Ted and Donna said...

Jill, enjoy your vacation. A1 and A2 must be stuck in some internal conflict and can't bear to see you so productive and enjoying doing all that you do. Life is too short to worry about what other's think. Living a happy life is the best revenge. Just smile and go on.

Love, Aunt Donna

Cindy said...

I just want to clarify something. First off it wasn't Jen who commented it was me and someone else. She doesn't read your blog at all, I do occasionally and this one was brought to my attention by someone else. I needed to speak my mind and I too feel so much better.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Sure, Cindy. Whatever makes you feel better and helps you sleep at night. But if I'm not a kind person, why read my blog at all? Why do you care? Like I said in my comment - take your own advice and MOVE ON. Maybe it would help you, too.

Jamie W said...


Love the blocks, goodies and dogs!

Why can't certain people take their opinions to private emails? or maybe they could be big enough of a person a make a simple phone call? instead of running their mouths on your blog? This just shows how childish some people are!!

Seems to me they are the ones who need to "let go/move on" of some anger and/or issues!

Regina said...

Seeing all the blocks out like this is wonderful - I can't wait for the follow up posts (and comments!) to see what we all do with them!

Penny said...

Now how on earth to dogs know these things? So cute. And isn't it fun to see the fabrics others choose. Enjoy your time off.

Vicky said...

Jill, I agree with you about staying home on days off instead of traveling. Those of us who work really enjoy just hanging around in our "at home" clothes and doing relaxing things. Good for you!

As for your Anonymous posters -- I am laughing so hard! Busted! LOL. It's hilarious that she just had to hop back in again. And, yes, she will keep reading your blog. Those who have no life love to criticize those who do. Small and petty people!

Love the puppy picture! My Daisy would do that also. Penny hasn't quite figured it all yet, but she's getting there! Oh, and one of those pink doxies live at our house, too!

Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it!

Linda and Piwacket said...

You know I always love the doggy pics. Too cute!

Great blocks, Jill. Thanks for doing such a good job of organizing the swap and taking pics.

As for anonymous posters, I've had to remove that option from my blog as well. People should take ownership of their words, especially if they expect others to have credibility as well.

Cheryl Willis said...

Love the look at what the blocks looked like before you shipped them out. I for one just love mine. I posted a picture and link to my blog on the group site. I know you don't want to but if you have time go add a comment to your block (feel free to add a better photo too) I totally love that fabric and call dibs on the scraps- thanks so much for doing the exchange- it was fun cheryl