Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hoping for a happy ending

I was going to post earlier today that my laptop was in town and would be ready for pick up tonight. I was going to post this, but I didn't want to jinx it.

Turns out that it didn't need a post from me for something to happen. :(

After work, I came home, picked up the Fed Ex ticket and headed off to pick it up. This part went off without a hitch!

I got the computer home, unpacked it, plugged the adapter in and hit the power button....

AND NOTHING!!! Nothing happened! The little lights came on and almost immediately turned back off.

I pull out the sheet that Dell sent back with the laptop and it shows that they replaced the keyboard. THAT WAS IT!!!

I quickly flipped the laptop over to see that the slide that releases the battery has new notches on it and still sticks when I try to move it. This was something that was specifically listed on the form that I had to fill out and return with the laptop and it wasn't addressed. Well, unless you count the notches that indicate someone noticed it was an issue and it still wasn't fixed.

I just spent the last hour on the phone with DELL SUPPORT and I feel bad for the guy that I spoke with. I really gave him hell about the fact that Dell didn't do anything except replace the keyboard. He tried to tell me that it was because I didn't want the hard drive reformatted, but I don't buy it. I gave him all kinds of crap about the issues and the system not working now.

The final step that he had me do to try and diagnose it was to remove the hard drive. I finally was able to get the screws out and remove the hard drive.... Guess what I found.... Something STICKY!!! Could it be??? The MT DEW wasn't confined to the keyboard?????

I think at this point, the guy understood what I was trying to say - hat the Dell technician totally half assed the work that was needed.

I guess it was a very good thing that I got the extended warranty. Although, at this point, I have no idea what good it did me!

And Dell support.... what a joke!! I wonder what the hell they did to SUPPORT me!!!

What a disappointment.


Jamie W said...

Sendin a ((((HUG)))) your way! Sounds like you could use one :)

Michelle said...

So, are they taking it back for another repair? I know the nightmare my friend Christie got with a brand new laptop from Dell that did not work. She had it for a couple months, talked to 2 dozen different techs (only one american), and finally, Dell sent a local guy to come put a new motherboard in. So far so good, but she was advised to get insurance on it (not from the dell people), and if it quits working, plan an untimely death. (Now HOW did that fall out of the upstairs window?)

Susan C said...

Grrr, I hate when companies don't do what they are supposed to do!! What ever happened to good customer service, the customer is always right, etc? I hope they do what is necessary to get themselves back into your good graces AND get your computer working!! We miss hearing from you!

Brenda said...

Who can you trust???? Aren't they supposed to know what they are doing??? I am glad you gave him a piece of your mind - no, it was not his fault this happened, but if he is the one that takes the comments/complaints and praise, from their customers, the front man - manybe he can help to get them to smarten' up!!! Or at least send a loud email to someone!!!

I hope this gets fixed - properly - soon!!!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

I hope it works out and they do the right thing and fix it CORRECTLY! I wonder if you would have been paying (not with the extended warranty) if you would have gotten it back so fast?!?!?

SewCalGal said...

Oh no....I just received my replacement laptop and it is a Dell!

I hope your pc problems get resolved soon. I know they are not fun. So sorry.

I also advice against extended mfg warranty plans, but buy electronics with your American Express card. They double the mfg's warranty and also send to their own repair sources (that are better than manufacturers).


Nancy said...

That is why I don't deal with Dell........ I have a local computer guru.

Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Kristie said...

My sister swears that she will NOT EVER get another Dell. I really hate that you are having such a time with it.