Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

I've mentioned a couple of times on here that work has been hectic. For those of you that I chat with regularly, you hear a bit more of it! Basically, we are upgrading one of our largest software programs to a new version. The company made a lot of changes to my parts of the program and we have tried this upgrade several times before, but this is the closest that we have gotten to it. Tomorrow, the current system will be turned off and the conversion begins.

Although I have been at my job for just shy of 4 years, I have never been involved in the testing process because my old boss was so knowledgeable on the system that she did the testing herself. I am now glad that she did what she did because there is no way that I would've been able to accomplish all of it.

Of course, right now, I can't believe that I had time for the testing along with the budgeting and all the other parts of my job that I have been doing without any back up since the old boss left. That is, of course, a story for another time. :)

So tomorrow, the upgrade begins. I have a few things that I have to get done before and just after the system is taken down and then I have to find busy work to make it through the rest of the day. Of course, the big boss did say that I could leave once I have my jobs run and that should be by 2 or 3. I will have to play it by ear and see how I feel.

Now, the fun part comes on Saturday when I have to sit by the phone and wait for the call to say that the data conversion is complete and then I can log onto the system from home and check for the presence of data and start running post job reports. Then, just for a bit of added enjoyment, I get to run to the office on Sunday at 8 AM (cough, cough) and validate data and then wait for a noon meeting to decide whether or not we can go with the new system.

What this means for me is a truncated weekend. I have no idea what time I will be finished on Sunday, but I will be able to take something into the office to work on while I wait for the meeting to begin.

It also means that a boss will make good on a promise that he made in January for cookies for all the work I did on the budget. I can hardly wait!! They should be waiting for me when I get into the office tomorrow. Expect pictures!

I should be able to sew/quilt tomorrow afternoon and evening and most of Saturday though. And the weather should hold out that the dogs and I can enjoy a bit of fresh air, too!

Speaking of dogs, Maisy says...

100_2413 "And why aren't you sewing or binding or cutting fabric NOW?"

She's right... I gotta go!


swooze said...

Maisy needs a hug! She looks grumpy. Maybe a bow in her hair would help!

Michelle said...

I know you will make the best of the weekend. Enjoy as much of it as you can! be blessed, Michelle

Babs said...

Good that you finished the post on a happy note - who couldn't be smiling looking at that little face??


Kristie said...

Sounds stressful!!!! I used to work as a financial advisor/loan manager and I hated system updates!!! Sure hope all works out for you!