Monday, March 15, 2010

Just like Fred and Ginger!

After a very exciting and laugh filled dentist appointment, I started warming up dinner while I loaded another quilt onto Lenny, the quilting frame. I got the 60" x 70" quilt loaded and the frame prepared in about 45 minutes.

After eating and testing the tension with a few small adjustments, Squiggy and I were off and quilting! I used a Star Brand olive green variegated on the top and Bottom Line on the bottom. I even used the same needle that I used on the animal quilt that I quilted on Saturday.

The whole quilt was a dream! Squiggy and I were like 1 unit moving across the floor! Like Fred and Ginger!! And the result is fantastic!!! No thread breaks! Minor tension adjustments after several rows and it is now perfect!



This quilt was quilted for a gal that I used to work with. I hope she likes it!!

Maisy says,

100_2418 "Fred and WHO???"

I know, Maisy... I had to google them, too! lol


Laura said...

Interest pattern on the quilt and glad that it seems you have gotten your tension problems resolved. Yeah for you! Tension problems are the pits.

Ted and Donna said...

Ginger did everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels ~~ Ann Richards on women having to work harder than men to get ahead.

Michelle said...

You make me smile. Have a great week! love ya! Michelle

Kristie said...

Looks great!! Love those colors! Glad all is well with your machine. I finally got my piece (hook) in so now I can get back at it.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

My the picture you're putting in my head, especially with the header on your blog. lol

Glad everything worked good for quilting the top!

Lori said...

I love the new header, but do miss Max!

Regina said...

Keep on dancing!!!

Shellie said...

I really like that quilt. I love it when things run smoothly...