Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Quilt Goals Revisited - Post 3

I’m doing a series of posts on my progress so far on my 2010 Quilting Goals.

Goal 4 - Use Scraps and Crumbs

While I haven't created a quilt kit made strictly out of scraps, I have been using my scraps for various small projects. I ran out of darks and then lights on the 2 secret quilts when I was piecing and I was able to pull from my 5" scrap containers. I didn't keep track of how much I used, but I think it was a strip or two at least.

I have plans on using Scrap Basket Surprises to pull a couple of quilts together from my scrap bins. I think that there are at least 2 that will work. But I am going to wait until I have finished another quilt or 2 to do this.

My other plan is for the crumbs. I have lots of crumbs! And the pile is building every time I cut anything. As Bonnie Hunter says, "Even the scraps are worth $8 a yard!!" In August, I took the Crumb Workshop from Bonnie and while I liked the idea of using the crumbs, most of the blocks that we made didn't look right sitting right next to one another. It's like you have to use a sashing in order to give them their own separate space. And I would rather use my yardage as backings or back grounds.

I found a blog that gives instructions on how to make crumb blocks that look a bit more like log cabin blocks. You can find the post here. I plan on pulling out my crumbs and the skinny strips that I have saved and going to town making a bunch of these blocks. I can see that it would be very addicting. I know that it was addicting to make the crumb blocks Bonnie's way, too. I just have to make the time to do it. I was initially thinking that it would be a great summer time activity to make a few blocks a night. We will see what happens.

Like everyone says, even making a bunch of blocks, you never use up your scraps, but I am willing to try! ;)

Goal 5 - Make a project using Applique

I have quite a few table runner kits that have just a bit of applique on them and I pulled them out a few weeks ago and contemplated working on one of them. And then my body went rigid, my hand got clammy and my stomach started clenching so I just threw them all back in the box and put it away.

Yes, this was a bit of an unreasonable reaction, but I couldn't help it! I was trying to take small steps and I was just going to cut the fabric for a couple of the table runners just to have them ready to sew. And the first one that I pulled out... well, everything was already cut into strips so I couldn't cut anything for the stash busting. The second one I pulled out was a Thimbleberries and there were so many small pieces that would need to be sewn around that I got overwhelmed and called it a night.

I know that I can do this, I just have to pull out all of the materials and get to work on it with no distractions. I will probably start with the ghosts because there weren't many pieces on that runner. Maybe in a couple of weeks? Check back!!

Can you tell that the pups are impressed? Yeah, me neither!



Babs said...

Hummm, how about working on Sleepy Acres for your applique beginnings?!? :)

-Babs (lover of applique)

Michelle said...

There are projects that scare me too....most of them!

Deanna said...

I knew I would lure you in with Scrap Basket Surprises. Let me know when you get started because I want to work on one, too, and we can keep each other company.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

There are a couple of quilts I want to do from the Scrap Baskets book also.

You absolutely can do applique! Try doing fusible applique first until you get the hang of it and then try needle-turn. Go get 'em tiger!

Ted and Donna said...

Ummm ... I just took two pairs of slacks to get hemmed at the dry cleaners. Can I still keep up with your blog Jill?

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I have done very minimal applique but want to try some bigger projects.. smiles