Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Quilting Goals Revisited – Post 2

I’m doing a series of posts on my progress so far on my 2010 Quilting Goals.

Goal 2 – Finish a ‘big’ project before starting a new ‘big’ project.

So far, I have been doing pretty well on this goal. At the beginning of the year, I had several small projects that were in various states of completion and I think that I finished them all by mid-February. Once those were done, I concentrated on the 2 secret quilts which were all UFOs and therefore not new projects.

The only big project that I have finished so far this year is the secret quilt A Little Latte for Regina. I’m really close to finishing the second secret quilt and Milky Way, but I have to do the binding and labels on both.

I have started two new projects this year. First, I cut out the Judy Martin Log Cabin Quilt, but I had been gathering fabrics for that quilt since November’s shopping trip with Barb (again with Barb?!?! lol HOLLA!!). Technically, it wasn’t started in 2009, but I didn’t start the cutting until I was finished with one of the Secret quilts. And second, I cut the pieces for the SIS quilt, but I just did that last week.

Looks like I should sew the binding and label on one of the quilted quilts so that I can finish something and start sewing on the SIS quilt!

This goal hasn’t been that difficult to keep except for the cutting on the SIS quilt. Since both Sue and Regina are assembling their blocks and almost done with the centers of their tops, I am a bit behind them and was getting anxious to start on my quilt. But this post is helping me realize that I really should work on the binding on the quilts that are in limbo so that I can have more ‘big’ finishes and then I can start something new!

I don’t think that it will be a problem to keep this Goal for the year.

Goal 3 – Organize Stash Room

This goal was finished in January, but the second part of the goal is to make sure that the room stays clean and the fabric is put away in an orderly fashion. Up until a week ago, it was a cake walk! I know that after I brought in all that fabric in April I spent about 30 minutes folding the fabric and making sure that it all went onto the shelves in the proper spots.

I think that when I was trying to bust fabric to get my Stash Report back in the black I may have pulled out a bit of fabric without replacing it immediately. There may be some yarn on the floor, too. Who knows where that came from! ;)

This Goal has truly helped me keep the room in order a lot longer than I had expected. And I am considering other improvements to the room that would help me keep it clean and organized better. I also have some decluttering that must be done to the non-crafty portions of the room!

Maxie says....

100_2643 "Just leave our toys alone! No decluttering needed for them!"


Michelle said...

I haven't decluttered in over a month and I think it is time to start again.

Deanna said...

Your list is looking good! Keep it up.

Melinda said...

I am working on folding all my fabric and it just might take forever :) Good luck with your decluttering.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Milky Way isn't finished? Why did I think it was? YES, get it DONE! I think you need a maid, you're cleaning way too much.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

sounds great! I need to ge tmine back in order but Keith and I first need to figure out how to arrange the furniture in the new room