Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gettin' Ready!

I'm getting ready to head over to Barb's for sewing! I spent time yesterday prepping for items to take with me. I had to run to Joann's for supplies for both of us and then to the grocery store for a variety of snacks.

In between all of that, I finished the second seam on my HSTs for my SIS quilt. I got them all cut apart, pressed and then squared up, too! I cut fabric for 3 PIF gifts (Deanna, Beth and Melinda - I did NOT forget about you!! lol) and 3 different handmade things for the 1,000th post giveaway. I also have enough fabric left over for a few goodies for myself, but I will wait on making those for another day. Maybe tomorrow!

This morning, I have already grabbed fabric for 2 table runners to take and cut and make, too. One is a very easy continuous striped table runner that I am taking to show Barb how it's done.

OK enough gabbing! I have places to go!!!

Last night, as I ironed fabric, I set it on the bed to keep it out of the way. Apparently, my 'helpers' thought that it would be a good place to sit!



InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...


Michelle said...

Have fun sweetie! I will be thinking of you, while we are out BUYING VINTAGE SHEETS and junkin'....then later, maybe a bike ride!!!
love, Michelle

Ted and Donna said...

I'm exhausted reading your blog! On the plus side, we had LaRosa's yesterday!!

Regina said...

Oh Michelle - we will have to swap vintage sheet FQ's - I'm starting to get quite a collection!!!

Deanna said...

We know we are not forgotten. Have a sew-great weekend.

Jennifer said...

Hope you've had a great sewing day!