Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last weekend after the computer crashed, not only did I get quite a bit of sewing done, but I managed to excavate parts of 2 closets and created a mountain of clothes to donate to Goodwill. :)

In the spare bedroom, I had plans for a bit of storage for yarn. We have a fairly new store, Ollie's, right down the street that is a discount store similar to Big Lots. I picked up a 10 pair hanging shoe storage thingy that is very sturdy! It was $7.99 and worth every penny! I believe that I am going to go back to get at least 1 more organizer. The sides are a sturdy linen and the bottom of each cubby is bamboo rods so they don't sag.


It is currently hanging in the closet with my Flimsies on one side and additional yarn on the floor. I think there is room for 2 more of these bad boys that I can load up with the rest of the yarn that I have in the closet and on the bed.

Maxie was happy that I picked up a couple of designer dog toys for him and Maisy.



Cheryl Willis said...

I spent almost 2 yrs working on getting organized, worth every minute. I 'know' where things are and projects are always at my fingertips. I sew when the mood hits and haven't had to purchase very much now that I can see what I have. good for you, I think the shoe organizers are used a lot by hobby people. cw

Michelle said...

Looks GREAT!!!