Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So much for busting

Last week, Regina found a Craigslist listing for a store that was closing that had Civil War reproduction fabrics. My favorite!! Shellie and Regina made several trips between Friday and Sunday and Regina got me some fabrics. I had no idea what she picked up until I got the box.


She sent it on Saturday and it was in my mailbox on Monday. Talk about great service!!

I think that I need to reevaluate my stash Goal for 2010! This is 21 yards of Civil War Repro fabric! They are all great pieces! Two purples, a red and several tans/neutrals. In all, 21 yards!!! She also sent a couple of non fabric goodies - a Joann's gift card and a yarn book mark.


After seeing my neighbor's condo, I realized that Kim loves everything Oriental and that she would need a quilt in Oriental fabrics. Regina had just the thing that she didn't plan on using and she passed along to me. Here are 10 coordinating FQs. Now, I just need to find the perfect pattern and maybe add a background fabric.


A big THANK YOU to Regina!!! But my stash report is a little upset. It's now at -31 yards again. UGH! ;)

The pups were just happy to smell some new smells and investigate the delivery!



swooze said...

OK sister! We are in the same boat.

Regina said...

Sorry to mess up your balance... you could just ship it all back if it is that much trouble!!! ;-P

Michelle said...

What a wonderful friend for sending you those beautiful fabrics. You are blessed! I'm sure you will survive the new fabric number! Love ya!

Mom said...

Did she send you some pretty fabric to back the SIS quilt instead of the black crap, I mean material.

Lina said...

Lovely Asian fabrics. How about a Coin quilt, or a Chinese Lanterns quilt, or a kimono quilt?

Amy said...

Okay Jill. Sounds like you need help with a new motto:

"She with the most fabrics wins"


Babs said...

ROTFLMAO @ Mom - good call!


P.S. Awesome fabric! You know how I feel about stash reports anyway...

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

BIG GRIN!!! Nice fabrics! ;0) Now what are ya gonna make with them?!?!?

elizabeth said...

you were so lucky to get such a nice gift. of course it is added fabric but its not fabric that you bought, so thats another way of looking at it. lol good luck using it

Gina said...

Great fabrics and I LOVE the orientals

Love and hugs Gina xxx