Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday sewing progress

Once Barb, KT and I were at the quilt shop, we quickly unloaded our stuff and got busy! I showed them the books that I brought with pattern options for the fabric for my neighbor's quilt. We quickly decided on the pattern that we like best, but I am going to keep that a secret for now. Wellll, OK, the book is downstairs and I am being lazy, but I will let you know eventually! The pattern calls for 6 fabrics in a gradation from light to dark. I was basically there! We found a white with black pindot and that was all that was needed! The top fabrics are for the body of the quilt and the bottom 3 will be the 3 borders with the large baseballs as the outermost and largest border. The red might also be the binding, but that has yet to be decided.


Once that was decided on, I set up my table and realized that I left my foot pedal at my house. Luckily, KT was only going to cut fabric and she has a Janome so I was able to use her foot pedal. Crisis averted!!! But really, I could have driven the 20 minutes back to my house to get it, but it was nice to not have to do that! :)

It was nice sewing at the shop because we had all the space that we needed and all the tools available and easy access to fabric if we ran into issues. Plus, we had all of the wall space to hang fabric up!

Case in point! I took my SIS quilt that remains nameless for now and hung it on the wall. Much better picture than with it laying on the floor! I also took in my backing and I was going to make that, but KT and Barb are trying to veto my choice. Granted it's not the prettiest fabric, but it is from my stash and it has grown on me. There will be a separate post on this topic in a day or so.


I really like how this turned out!! I took the binding fabric and pressed it and rolled it up for storage. I am at least 1 strip short so I had to order it online on Saturday. Since I really like the design and coloring of the fabric, I just had to order a bit more of the yardage. I just HAD to. ;)

After I took that off the wall, I decided to work on the second secret quilt so that I could get it done and give it to the recipient. I had quilted it in April when I quilted Regina's (link to the first secret quilt) and it has been sitting around waiting for binding. I ended up machine stitching the binding down. And I sewed in all the ends of the quilting threads! All that is left is writing the label and hand stitching that down.


After that, I worked on the 2 dog table runners that I put together in the last month. I did a simple straight line quilting on them along the blue lines and then attached the binding. I will be able to hand stitch these down in a few weeks when things settle down a bit.


After this, I worked on a poinsettia table runner that I cut out last week. At first, it was looking all right, but then the pieces started to look like they were floating around the background with no rhyme or reason. I started to rip out a long seam and by this time, it was about time to pack up and go home so I just threw it into my bag. I will have to dig out the pieces and take a picture. I think that I will still assemble the whole runner, but I don't think that it is going to work the way I thought that it would. I may have to alter the pattern to meet my needs!

We all had a great time and were very productive! I think that we may try and do this again. It was a great idea to sew in the shop!

Oh and I will have to post a picture of what Barb was working on. I guess I just ran out of time and forgot to get a picture of it. It is really cute!!! (Barb - send me that pic!!! HOLLLLAAAA!!!)

And when I got home, the pups were really excited to see me!

100_2766 "Throw it!!! Throwitthrowitthrowit!!!"


Anonymous said...

Did you know you can run your Janome 6600 without the foot control? Look for the Start/Stop button just under the reverse button. I didn't realize this until somebody in class was doing that. IT only works when the foot control is not plugged into the machine. Cool huh?!

Laura T said...

Hi Jill,

Let me know if you can know see my email address. I think I've followed your directions and thanks for the heads up. I thought the box was checked.
Laura T

Amy said...

Holy Cow!!!! Did you guys stop for even a second!!??!?!!? Look at all you did!!!!!!!

Love the earth-tones of the 2nd quilt pictured. And of course, I'm a green love, so the SIS is also lovely!

As for resisting----PSHT! We BOTH know we're going to use every inch of our fabrics!!! 8-)

Michelle said...

Jill! I never use my foot control. Haven't you ever used your start/stop button? It's pretty nice when you get used to it.

Your projects all look wonderful and I know you had a wonderful day. that Janome would just lose a few pounds, right?

Love ya!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Gosh you gals were busy! They're all gorgeous! I can't wait to see the pattern for your neighbor's quilt.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow So productive!!! I think that you should call the green quilt "Green Pastures" or maybe "Lucky Charms"?


Gina said...

Love how your quilts are looking. It sounds like you had such a good time

Love and hugs Gina xxx