Saturday, September 18, 2010

FNSI results - 9/17/10

Well, I'm not sure that I got a lot done, but I got enough done for me considering that I was working after a couple of sleepless nights. My first order of business was to get my post about the Curve Master foot done and I did that. Woo hoo!!

I had emails from someone saying that I should finish up the Drunkard's Path blocks and use them to make a small quilt. Unfortunately, I think that the fabrics are just to ugly! lol  So I did sew the 4 blocks together and took a closer picture of the finished block. Hopefully, you can see why I was just using these fabrics to 'play!'


The block ended up being a little wonky, but I think that was a combination of my lousy template cutting skills and the practicing with the foot. It isn't really too bad though.


I really just planned on chopping these blocks up and using them in crumb blocks! lol

After I got that done and straightened up my sewing area a little bit, I worked on one of the charity quilts binding. I got the whole things sewn on! Woo!!


I had on my list to make a couple of labels and to start working on block assembly on the Bento Box pieces, but by the time I finished the binding, it was about 11:30 and I was pooped. So these things are on my list for today. :)

Maisy thinks I did a great job!



Libby said...

You did a great job on those blocks! They look perfect. and I love your charity scrap quilt! It reminds me of Kristy (cowgirl quilter)

PunkiePie said...

Very nice! I have to do my FNSI post. Need to take pictures first!

Deanna said...

It looks like a successful night to me. Well done on a charity finish.

Jennifer said...

Ok, Ok, I relent...those fabrics are pretty, um, unique! Someone's sure to like them though, and if you put them 30 feet away, you can't even tell that they're ugly :)

Michelle said...

Those fabrics arent' ugly! I think they are stunning! I love the contrast of them together...and wonky? They look good to me!

Sounds like you had a great day quilting. I am actually hoping for another quilting day tomorrow!

Cindy said...

I TOTALLY agree with Maisy...LOL

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

If you look at the fabrics from a distance the colors are nice.