Friday, April 1, 2011

Another weekend...

Another To Do list! Well, it's more of an update of last week's To Do list.
  1. Finish practicing new quilt design on the practice quilt on the frame
  2. Load and quilt Andi's quilt
  3. Borders on Split Decision
  4. Finish pressing Star Struck - I got the block pieces pressed and decided that I would pair the pieces up to give myself something to sew on as Leaders and Enders. So I am not putting the project away, but it's not going to be a main focus for a while.
  5. Piece backing for Regina's quilt and load onto frame. It will be ready for quilting next week and weekend. I just need to have it finished before the Quilt Show.
  6. Cut the fabric for the flamingo and Maxine quilts. I am almost done with the fabric for the flamingo quilt
  7. Pull fabrics for next set of Midget Blocks.
  8. Prepare another donation to Goodwill and drop it off. 
  9. Taxes - I'm going to put the paperwork out tonight so that I can work on it tomorrow morning.
So that was 5 out of the 9 finished. And now it's time to add a few more.

10. Make next Midget Block
11. Finish cleaning second floor
12. Write reviews and schedule for posting
13. Pick March PIGS winner and write post
14. Pull fabrics and prep for class on Thursday
15. Grocery shopping

OK, I think that is a pretty good list for now. I'm going to get started on it first thing in the morning!


    Deanna said...

    Go you! That is quite a list. Mine is much more modest, or maybe not. I hope to finish--complete--be done with--TWO quilts this weekend. Can she do it? Stay tuned for an update. I will look forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    Kate said...

    Good luck with your list this weekend. Do taxes is on my list for this weekend too.

    Anonymous said...

    My list is to get ready for next week! YAY!

    Jennifer said...

    Sounds like a very full weekend! My list is much shorter!

    PunkiePie (Jen) said...

    Nice list. I've been working on some projects myself. I need to post on my progress.

    Regina said...

    Is this the list for the week, or for this weekend? 'Cause I don't see "pick Regina up at the airport" on there anywhere! :-)

    Jackie said...

    You've got a lot planned! I'm always envious of how much you get done. Maybe I should write a list too...

    Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

    You're making progress. The key is not to keep adding until you get it down to 1 or 2 items. ;0)