Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Review - While My Pretty One Knits


I picked up While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo at the library and read it fairly quickly. It is the first in the Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries series.

The book revolves around a group of 5 women – Lucy, Maggie, Phoebe, Dana and Suzanne - who have a weekly knitting group in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. Maggie owns the more successful yarn/knitting shop in the town and is hosting a workshop for a former student when someone arrives with news of the death of Amanda Goran, the owner of the less successful yarn/knitting shop in town. Maggie becomes a prime suspect in the murder due to the turbulent relationship that the two women had since Maggie opened her shop.

When Amanda’s estranged husband offers to sell Maggie Amanda’s inventory, Maggie is hesitant but agrees to look at the inventory and takes Lucy along for support since many believe that the husband is the murderer. Lucy winds up adopting one of Amanda’s dogs and Maggie buys the inventory that is then brought to her shop. Within a day, the cops are at Maggie’s shop searching the new inventory for the murder weapon which is found in one of the boxes.

Overall, this was a fairly simplistic story and I had the murderer picked out fairly quickly. The reasoning behind the murder was a little surprising, but a lot of the clues and actions of others made it easy for me to figure out whodunit. There were some parts of the plot that were a little expected like when recently divorced Lucy’s new dog is ill and she takes her to the vet and meets the new handsome vet who is also recently separated from his wife. But the author also went through Lucy’s anxiety of getting back into the dating world without beating the reader over the head with how rough it can be and she made it believable.

Definitely a book that I would recommend and I am ready to add the second book in the series to my list!

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quiltin cntrygrl said...

sounds like a good book will have to look for it. Our library is really small and doesn't have a selection.