Thursday, April 28, 2011

Damp Delivery

This past week, the Fat Quarter Shop was having a Tax Day sale. Of course this was perfect considering I have a pattern for the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge and I had my colors all picked out.

My order was delivered today! It was sitting on my front porch without a protective bag in sight! Normally, during inclement weather, UPS will wrap the box in a bag and sit the box so that the bag is not open to the elements. Now, considering that we have had rain pretty much everyday for the last 2 weeks, you would've thought that the UPS guy would be smart enough to wrap the box. He wasn't. UGH!

Thankfully, the ladies at the Fat Quarter Shop seal everything in plastic bags inside the box. So even though there was water in the box, nothing from the order was damp or ruined. HOORAY!

Here are the fabrics that I got for the challenge quilt.


And since I was ordering, I figured I would add a book and brown fabric for the Star Struck quilt's borders and binding.


Now seriously! This is IT for me and buying! I have got to get to work on my UFOs and the stash already in the house!

Max thinks that maybe the rain water was for his new elephant.



Kate said...

Love your pinks to red with the black. Can't wait to see how the challenge quilt comes out.

I bought the Scrap Basket book over the weekend and have a couple of quilts I want to make out of it. But I have to finish a few UFOs and WIPs first. Darn!

Regina said...

Books? Patterns? Fabric? Elephants? All sounds wonderful to me!!! :-) Glad nothing got damaged -would have been horrible had those reds ran! Or the book gotten wet!

Jennifer said...

Great adds! Hope the rain finally stops!!

Libby said...

Pretty!! Let me know if you like that book!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out! I had an idea for "organic" but I'm not going to enter it. I have another challenge I need to worry about. But if the wild hair strikes me, I may reconsider!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Thank goodness for their awesome inner packaging! I can't wait to see what you create with all the yummy fabrics.

Stray Stitches said...

With all of your rain maybe the UPS guy had run out of plastic bags. Glad that none of your order was ruined. Max looks quite pleased with his new toy :)

Deanna said...

You will love Scrap Basket Sensations! And I am so glad your fabric wasn't ruined.

In response to the next post, I hope to get some sewing done today, but I will mostly look forward to hearing about your wonderful accomplishments.

SubeeSews said...

I buy from the FQ Shop too. And I am soooo grateful that they do use plastic on the inside to protect the contents.
You will love that new book Scrap Basket Sensations!
And you will love your Paris quilt too!
See you in October!

Kristie said...

Lots of new goodies! Good thing they packed it in plastic bags at the FQS, it would have been a shame if it all got wet. So....I've been wondering about that book, is it a good one? So many of the books get a lot of hype but when you get them, they are not that good. I really liked the first Scrap Basket book.