Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a couple more days!

I am almost done with the first round of painting and then I should be getting back to blogging and sewing. I promise!
Here is my list of what I hope to get done this weekend. And I will keep my camera with me to take some before and after pictures so that you can all see that there is something going on here.
1. Fill in nail holes in quarter round (kitchen, hallway, bathroom)
2. Touch up yellow paint in kitchen and bathroom
3. Touch up tan paint in hallway
4. Fix trim paint where needed
5. Paint inside of front door
6. Touch up ceiling paint in bathroom and stairwell
7. Touch up tan paint in stairwell
8. Fix primer in upstairs bathroom including re-primering where needed
9. Paint upstairs bathroom ceiling
10. Paint upstairs bathroom walls
11. Reassemble kitchen
And lastly, I need to organize my coupon binder. I'm supposed to do this on Monday with Jodi, but we don't have specific plans yet.
I also finished a book this week so I will be posting that review tonight or tomorrow.
And I am still behind on blogs and replying to emails.
Also, once I get things upstairs in order, I need to get my stockpile (or what I have of one so far) organized. This means a bit of organizing in the basement.
And I can not wait to start on cleaning out the spare bedroom to start painting it and begin the room swap!!!
I hope that everyone else has more exciting weekend plans than I do! Although I will be happily chipping away at my list!


Kate said...

Good luck on all the home front activities! Hope you get lots done!

Karen said...

Good to see your list of goals for this long weekend. My weekend plans just fell through so I'm going to get some serious stashbusting done this weekend. And, maybe a few books read too.

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a good start on the list tonight....looks like you need a 5 day weekend to get all that done (if not to recover at the end of it all)!

Kristie said...

Wow! You sound like you plan on staying busy! Good luck and can't wait for photos!

Suzanne said...

Super Woman! Good luck with all your projects...