Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend so far

Oh, progress! Sweet progress!! I'm so glad that you are here with me AND that tomorrow is a holiday so that I can relax a little!

My plans got a little derailed on Friday when Jodi, my coupon 'teacher,' texted me that a local grocery store was having a TRIPLE coupon weekend. Of course, we couldn't pass that up! She said that she was getting her coupons together and would meet me at the store with her boys. I ran home to drop some things off and pee the dogs and she texted me that she had car trouble and we would have to meet up later. Then, she fell asleep!

While I was waiting for her, I worked on the painting a little and got things cleaned up. When Jodi finally woke up, we decided that we would meet up first thing in the morning to get it done. We shopped with the boys for around 4 hours and then heading to McDonald's for lunch. It was glorious! I saved 89% and only spent $17.89!! Here is the picture of my trunk with my goodies.


I was able to get my binder in order (something from my to do list!) on Friday night before we headed out on Saturday so I was more familiar with my coupons and it made it easier to find the coupons as well as know what I could pick up in the store for a good deal.


Last night, as I was wrapping things up at home, I decided to make a pile of my purchases to get them out of the way. I need to clean up a spot in the basement and move one of my shelving units to organize my stockpile there. That will probably be my next big thing to get done before even painting the bedrooms.


When I got home from lunch, I put my cold groceries away and let the dogs out and then headed to the other store and Walgreen's for the deals that I was planning on getting on Friday before the interruption of Triple coupons. Altogether, I spent $28.57 at Marsh's and saved $185.23. A savings of 86.6%! I'm pretty proud of that!

And after all the excitement, I needed a nap before I got busy on the painting. But I did get some painting done and thisclose to being finished with the first floor. Here's my updated list.

1. Fill in nail holes in quarter round (kitchen, hallway, bathroom)
2. Touch up yellow paint in kitchen and bathroom
3. Touch up tan paint in hallway
4. Fix trim paint where needed
5. Paint inside of front door
6. Touch up ceiling paint in bathroom and stairwell
7. Touch up tan paint in stairwell
8. Fix primer in upstairs bathroom including re-primering where needed
9. Paint upstairs bathroom ceiling
10. Paint upstairs bathroom walls
11. Reassemble kitchen

And here are some pictures of just the front hall. I think that the white looks sharp against the wood and the walls!


The rest of the condo has stained trim and it wasn't installed very well in quite a few spots. With the age of the condo and the wood work, it just looked messy when I moved in and it doesn't look any better now. Once I replace the carpeting in the house, I will be replacing the wood trim with white as well. But that is not in the near future. At least I can see what it will look like with these rooms finished. I love it!

And now, I gotta get back to work! :)


Jackie said...

It used to be that I would have preferred wood trim. Now I'm at a place where I really like the crisp white against the paint color of my walls. It's so fresh looking. I really like the buttercream wall color you're using!

Great job on the coupon savings! You should share your tips!

Kristie said...

Your painting and trim looks great!! You certainly have been busy!

I love couponing! But triple coupon days are hard to find around here. I have a little stockpile but mostly of cleaning supplies and personal items. The groceries don't last long enough to stock up, they eat them too fast! LOL! I do have a small grocery stockpile though. Looks like you got some really great deals lots of savings!

Marj said...

The painting looks great!
Congratulations on the coupon outing. It sounds almost too good to be true.
Now if there were only triple coupon days for

Deanna said...

Good work on the savings! I have found that having a few supplies (OK, with me it is more than a few) set aside makes any little stress--weather, finances,etc.--so much easier to bear.

Regina said...

No triple couponing around here - :-( but those savings are AWESOME! Paint looks great.... sure you are not just hiding the damage from our wild partying??? ;-)

Jennifer said...

It is looking great and you are amazing with all those coupons!

Libby said...

I love the paint and trim! You amaze me with what all you get done! I have seen quite a few ladies with their coupon books lately. Sadly, I am not one of them:( My husband says that if it has a coupon or is on sale then I wont buy it. He is not as funny as he thinks he is!

Melinda said...

Very impressive painting. Love the color of the entryway. And you really rocked those coupon savings.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Holy poopers! What deals!!!!!
And you seem to have enough energy to go around, so I'll fork over some $$ to get you up here to Wisconsin to tackle my lists! ;0)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Have you started dumpster diving for neglected coupons yet?? LOL! Great job on your shopping! You are getting the hang of that extreme couponing.

Judy D in WA said...

You are so lucky to get such great coupon deals. We only can double a few coupons at a time and only at 2 stores. Boo on them. I have been couponing forever but now it's a whole new obsession and it's fun! I didn't think to take a picture though.
Painting makes everything look so new! You have been very busy!

Vicky said...

Oh, my, you've been busy! It looks fabulous! And great shopping! Good for you!!

Tracy said...

Oh my, everything looks so nice, are you for hire?!LOL! I really do not like painting!
I'm impressed with your couponing. Would you like a job as my personal shopper too?!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Wow, you did GREAT on the grocery shopping. The painting looks great too.