Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tiny Tuesday (Midgets) 6/21/11

Errr, 6/23... Would that make this Tiny Thursday? lol  Sorry that I missed out on Tuesday. I printed all of my pages for blocks 16-20 and I was planning on picking fabrics, but I got caught up on Monday with the Log Cabin quilt. I'm almost done with it and very excited about how it is turning out! But not too excited that I have worked on it the last few nights. lol

Anyway, I had planned on pulling the fabrics and showing them on Tuesday, but I didn't get to that either. So here are the fabrics that I finally pulled out tonight. Woo hoo!


I had a lot of fun pulling these fabrics. I should probably start doing 10 at a time so that I can have the fabric all ready when I need to sew on something.

If anyone else has any Tiny Blocks to show this week, leave your post info here.


Cheryl Willis said...

when I made my block I just knew you would get a kick out of it, I am going to post 2 posts, one with the block and the other how I am using it. cw

Deb A said...

Got it done! Lets see if I can do one for next week too! I still have a bunch to do to catch up to you... I need to stop starting new projects.

Mother said...

Did you know theVisitor was real? I think I read that they ddn't show up this year leading to speculation as to who it was. Jill, I am so impressed by your writing skills. You are informative and interesting and funny. Even if I wasn't your mam I'd read your blog. It's a pleasure to see. I always knew one of my kids would inherit some of my wonderful qualitites. LOL!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

There WAS progress, even if it wasn't on the midget blocks.