Friday, July 22, 2011

The empty (mostly) room

From the doorway


From the corner where bed frame is


One area of water damage to be repaired a little better. This was like this when I moved in. The roof had been repaired.


And water damage by one of the windows. This is the place that really scares me to repair by myself.


And some other scuff marks left by the previous owners.



I swear the people before me were animals or something! Oh the things we had to deal with moving weekend. What a mess!! Great deal on the house though!!

Right now, I just finished vacuuming the carpet and I am about to grab the carpet cleaner and get started on that. I have found some mouse turds from the unwanted guest Christmas of 2009 and it seems it spent most of it's time in this room. I will feel so much better vanquishing all evidence of the little Mickey wannabe!

Wish me luck!!


No luck needed! I am done with the carpet cleaning and just need to clean up the cleaner and take it back to the basement for now. This is the first time that I have used the cleaner even though I have had it for years. For some reason, I thought it would be very hard to use, but it was extremely easy!! And once I get some more cleaner, I know that I can clean up some spots on the first floor... as soon as the mess on the second is under control!


Regina said...

This is going to be so awesome when it is done!!!! You are doing a great job!

Cheryl Willis said...

I have been on a clean sweep of my own, not as detailed as your but I can 'see' the floor- lol

Marj said...

Wow! You are moving fast in getting this room done. I bet the repair job will not give you any trouble. Before too long the whole upstairs will be all finished, yea!

Jennifer said...

You are really making great progress! Glad to hear the carpet cleaner worked so well...we have one in our garage that needs to do a little work here.

scraphappy said...

Great work on the room redo. don't be scaredbof trying to fix the wall, after all, it is already broken. If you make it worse and have to hir someone, just blame it on the people who moved out!

Amy said...

Oh goodness Jill! My first thought-----has the heat-n-humidity of our last week also been upon you? Are you working in an AC house? If not---you are to be idolized. GREAT progress ... I can only imagine your feeling of satisfaction once the project sees a finish.

Denise in PA said...

So glad to know the cleaner is easy to use - I've been looking at ours now for about a year and I swear one day I'm going to get to these carpets (but the machine kind of scares me a little - LOL!)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You are so on a roll! Great job!

Kristie said...

How exciting to have everything out of that room!!!! More progress!

Melinda said...

Aren't those cleaners great!! I've worn mine out. How wonderful will it be to start from scratch on these rooms? Have fun.

elizabeth said...

wow Jill, with all of the hot humid weather you are really getting the job done. That is a lot of work even when it isnt so hot outside. did you decide what color to paint this room yet? you shouldnt have any problems fixing that small damage by the window, it isnt really that hard to do. and like someone else said if it doesnt come out right the first time you can blame it on the people that lived there before you.

Anonymous said...

That window repair looks fairly easy. Some sanding, some spackling, caulk, and Kilz should make it spiffy in no time! If you want, I can help.

Kate said...

Wow! Quite a lot of progress already. Good luck getting it all finished.