Friday, July 8, 2011

Finished quilts

Last week, I got these 2 quilts finished. I got the binding attached and machine stitched down so that I could mark them as finished.

The first is the flamingo quilt for my mom. I quilted this one in May, but I needed to fix a few spots where the top thread eye lashed. Once I got those fixed, I got all of the threads buried and then put the binding on and machine stitched it down.


I just did simple quilting.


Then, I let the dogs play on it to get their smells on it for my parents' dogs to enjoy. :)


And the other quilt that I got done was the Maxine quilt. I got it quilted earlier in the week and machined the binding on Saturday.


I just did simple quilting on this one as well. And I didn't have any issues with eyelashing, but there were a couple of spots where stitches were skipped. I'm thinking that once it is washed, those spots won't be an issue.


I think that the difference in the quilting has to do with the Flamingo being quilted with Lava and Maxine with King Tut. I will try a few more quilts with the combinations and see what the results are. I might just need to start quilting exclusively with King Tut. Time will tell.

The dogs didn't need any coaxing to give the Maxine quilt a try!



Anonymous said...

Looks like they really liked the Maxine Quilt... so much they brought their friends. LOL!

Stray Stitches said...

Wonderful quilts! I'm glad that they got the doggie approval :)

Quilting_Chris said...

I generally use King Tut also. On the last two quilts for kids I used Omni and liked the way it ran in my machine paired with bottom line. You might give that a try. I have an HQ16.

Kristie said...

They turned out lovely! I've never tried King Tut thread before. I may have to try it next time I have to order thread.

Jennifer said...

They look great! I am sure your mom will love hers.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

What bright and cheery quilts! Great job getting them done.

elizabeth said...

both quilts look really nice, the people you made them for will love them. i still cant believe all the quilts you make in a years time. Happy Quilting