Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great night!

But no pictures to show. I think that I took my camera to the basement thinking that I would finish the quilting on the Split Second Decision quilt tonight, but that did happen. And the camera is still in the basement.

I probably quilted for two and a half to three hours tonight and the quilt is not finished yet. It's tough when you have to worry about only have 4-5" of quilting space at the end of the quilt! So I buy my pantos and then have to usually shrink them down to fit on the frame. They just don't make enough designs for the size machine that I have!

Anyway, I am past the halfway mark and probably 2/3 of the way done with the quilt. I am using the Square Spiral panto and I absolutely LOVE how it is turning out on the quilt!! I haven't had any thread issues so far and the quilting has been almost effortless.

While I have been quilting, I am listening to the next Kate Wilhelm book. It takes my mind of the semi-repetitive motion of the panto but helps me maintain a good speed. The stitching looks fantastic! Did I already mention that?

I could only spend so long quilting though. It is the start of the new TV season and I have to keep up on my DVR or it will start deleting shows like it did last week. Well, that and Max constantly runs up and down the stairs when the quilt machine is turned off so I have to give him time to settle down before bedtime.

Once we were upstairs, I started the next step on the SIS quilt. I think that I am just about halfway through sewing the 4 patches to the squares. I'm hoping that tomorrow night I can finish the quilting and the rest of this step on the SIS quilt! And have some pictures to share!


Libby said...

Sounds like a nice night! Can't wait to see the quilting! What are you watching this season?

Jean(ie) said...

Yay for progress! Had fun laughing last night. Good for the soul.