Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New camera!

My new camera was delivered today!! I was going to sew a little tonight, but this sort of took over. I haven't read through a lot of the specifics on it yet, but I have been testing it out. I really like it!! And even though it took me more than a hour to figure out how to download the pictures from the camera to the laptop, I have figured out how to get done the quickest way. WOO!!!

My first picture


Playing with the 30X zoom. This was taken while I was sitting on my front step. The mailboxes are across an apartment style parking lot, across a grassy area and then across the street from where I was.


I can't wait to see how it does when I find something that I really want to shoot!

And of course, my favorite subjects!


Playing with the flash.


And modes. I'm not sure what I changed the settings to, but I prefer the pictures above to this setting.


And some midgets... When I was taking the pictures, the fabric looked off on the screen of the camera, but they look fantastic on the laptop!


This one looks a little blue, but the colors are purple.


OK, enough pics for now! I am sure there will be more in the next few days!


Regina said...

they look great!!!

thea said...

nice pictures .. how fun to have a new camera!

Jennifer said...

Always fun to have a new toy!

vtquilter said...

The pics look great. I haven't used my camera in months... not since I got my iPhone.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice!! I checked out your camera and I really like it but I want something that I can stash in my pocket when I need to. Awesome zoom!

Jean said...

have fun getting to know your new camera!