Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 3/29

This past week, I have been reading a little, but this book was finished on the trip home from Florida earlier this month. I also signed up for Good Reads and added a widget to the blog - I think it's the third or fourth widget form the top. Friend me on Good Reads if you would like by clicking on my name in the Widget and going to Good Reads. :) I will probably only be posting my reviews on the blog though, but so far I have liked the recommendations that the site has given to me.

A Common Life: The Wedding Story was the next novel in the Mitford series books by Jan Karon. It is another story that I have read recently that jumps back in time in the series instead of flowing through in chronological order. Since it has been many months since I read a Mitford book, I was a little foggy on some of the people and details.

The book opens on Father Tim's revelation that he should propose to Cynthia, his neighbor across the hedge. It is more of a short story about the journey the characters went through from that moment until the reception after the wedding.

I think that this book had a little more religious talk in it because it centered around the wedding of the Father. If I am remembering correctly, there are also things mentioned in previous books  that happened at the wedding and it is all detailed in this book. I think it just would have been a nice addition to the series in the correct order. It was still a nice little book.

And since I am still fiddling with the camera, here is a picture of one of my favorite subjects. I am really loving this camera, too!



Jennifer said...

Love that pup picture!

Dar said...

Awww so cute. What's his/her name?Also, since I lost my camera recently at a quilt show, what kind did you get, and do you recommend it?

Ellen said...

I love the Mitford series! I listened to a few when I had 2 hours of commuting each day. I'd completely forgotten, so you've inspired me to get back to them. Love your poochie piccie. What a precious face.