Saturday, April 28, 2012

IQF Quilts

There were some spectacular quilts at the IQF show! It was fantastic walking around and seeing all of the quilts and designs and the quilting. Very inspirational!

Unfortunately, I can't show a lot of pictures on the blog because of this copyright craze and the fact that I didn't get all the quilt maker's information for each quilt that I took a picture of. There was a poster at the quilt show that Jennifer saw, but I missed it completely so I don't know all of the restrictions that they were insisting on.

I will show what I can and the rest are in my WebShots folder.

Here are a couple of pictures from the walkway above the show floor. All of the quilts were grouped together this year and I think that there were a lot more vendors this year than last year. Hooray!



Of course I have to show off this one again. The lighting over the quilts was pretty poor at this show. There are quite a few pictures where the quilts have shadows and mine is included in that. In this picture, you can't see that the first rows from the upper left are different colors because the lighting was centered on that spot.


Here is Barb's quilt. It looked awesome!


And the only other quilts from out of town that I got the quilt maker info on was the Artist Village. It was a large display of a village of houses made by different designers and it was pretty cool to see.






The trees in the village were very cool! Made with doily leaves!


There are more detailed pictures of the village in the album with the rest of the quilts. There are also some pictures of the same quilts several times because of the camera issues I had and taking pics on Saturday and on Sunday.


Jennifer said...

I loved that village!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

The village is cool! Look at all those vendors!