Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiny Tuesday 5/1

Don't you just love it when you can follow a pattern and the block comes together perfectly?

Well, it didn't happen in this case! And, no, it was not that I didn't follow the pattern. The pattern was wrong!

And now that it is after 11, I am giving up for the night.

The section of 4 HSTs does not fit onto the bottom of each larger HST. Or the section with 3 HSTs was shown incorrectly as well.


Either way, I have some ripping to do.



All I can say is, "ARGH!!"

I hope someone else had better luck with blocks that they worked on this week!


I got up this morning and ripped and sewed and now the block is done. Block #34 Rocky Glen.



heartsease54 said...

Just Takes 2 right? This isn't the first time their instructions have been iffy at best. Partly why I dropped out. Check the site in a day or so, they will probably post corrections, although it is unfortunate that you wasted all this time on them.

Jennifer said...

How frustrating!

Jean said...

I'm just so amazed that you could figure out how to correct the pattern! I'd still be looking at it with mouth agape wondering what to do next.

u haz skills!

vtquilter said...

I had trouble with that one too and had to redo it. Glad you stuck with it since it looks great!

soscrappy said...

That on didn't work for me either. I have it in my "done is better than perfect" file. It will be getting a remake at some point.