Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 5/10

I almost forgot about posting a review today. I am still 3 books behind (including this one), but I hadn't gotten around to pre-writing my reviews. So it will just be one tonight.

Explosive Eighteen is the 18th book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. At the end of the 17th book, Stephanie ended up with plane tickets and she used them. Eighteen starts out with Stephanie on the plane home from Hawaii alone and with a tan line around her ring finger. She goes right back to work hunting down skips and trying to bring them in to reset their bond. The usual problems follow her around, but she seems to have brought an extra set of problems home with her from Hawaii. Two extra sets in the form of a pair of FBI agents and a pair of fake FBI agents who who want to question her about her seatmate on the plane. Oh and the hired killer who keeps attacking her.

Remembering this book, I am thinking of the 2 men in Stephanie's life that she can't choose between - Ranger and Morelli - and it sounds similar to the choice that Hannah can't make in the series by Joanne Fluke. Why must I keep reading books about wishy washy women?!?!

Regardless of that fact, I actually enjoyed listening to Explosive Eighteen. Although, it was a bit shorter than the other books in the series, but the action flowed and things made sense to an extent. Sometimes, these books are a bit far fetched (umpteen exploding cars, anyone?), and this book seemed to keep it under control with the exception of the scene with the rats. That was just gross!

If you were thinking of giving up on this series, wait until after this book. I thought it was worth the read.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I agree the rats were gross but I did find myself laughing at the scene. Just imagining the sound effects. LOL!

Jean said...

Did I miss this book? Did it just come out? I need this book. I hope they haven't suffered since the movie.