Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 6/14

With these 2 reviews, I am all caught up! Although, I did finish another book on my way to Barb's tonight. :)

The Devil's Puzzle is the fourth book in the Someday Quilts Mystery series by Clare O'Donohue. Things have settled down in Archers Rest since Nell Fitzgerald moved in with her grandmother in the first book. Nell is helping run the quilt shop her grandma Eleanor owns, Someday Quilts, and has started officially dating the sheriff, Jesse. The town is preparing to celebrate its 350th anniversary with a big celebration. So of course, a skeleton is discovered in the backyard of Eleanor's house.

I think that this was my favorite in the series so far. Nell tries her best to stay out of the investigation, but as more and more clues point to Eleanor, Nell can't help but get involved. It doesn't help that the entire town assumes that she is running her own investigation and keeps feeding her information. Well, everyone except for Eleanor and her oldest friend, Maggie.

I love the small town atmosphere of the series and the kooky characters that O'Donohue sprinkles throughout the book. I would definitely recommend this book to all quilters who love to read!

In Wanda Brunstetter’s A Merry Heart, Miriam is a 26 year old Amish school teacher in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It has been 2 years since she learned that her beau was marrying another girl and Miriam is turning into a bitter woman with recurring migraines. While she is still living with her parents and a younger brother, Miriam is encouraged regularly to embrace God and find joy in life.

I am not sure why I keep trying to read these books. I think that it’s because they are on my iPod and I feel that I need to listen to them since I they are there. I am going to finish the series that this book starts and then I will not be reading anything else by the author. There is so much whining in this book
by Miriam that I just wanted to reach over to her and smack her. And the “sick headaches” that she often gets … I can understand from the words that she is turning into a bitter woman who hates everything so there wasn’t any need to harp on the fact that she gets these headaches all the time. I get that it is because she is bitter.

The author does not give any depth to her characters. There is very little new that ever happens. And the
characters seem to just drone on and on about the same old thing. Miriam is so stuck on her old beau
even 3 or 4 years after the ‘Dear Jane’ letter that she got. And the narrator…. UGH!!!

Moving on to better books! lol


Sarah said...

I read some of Wanda Brunstetter's books a while ago and I agree, there wasn't a lot of depth to her characters or to the stories.

If you do like "amish" type books, I would suggest reading "The Promise of an Angel" by Ruth Reid. I thought it was a good book and it had more depth to the story line and characters.

Ted and Donna said...

Jill, I appreciate your book reports so much and I always enjoy seeing the beautiful things you create. I haven't commented lately because you have so much to read through that my oohs and aahs just take up your time. You know I love your work and you!!