Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 6/21

I just finished the last book in the Wanda Brunstetter series and I am so happy that I don't have anymore of her books on my iPod!! I have to say that I really love the feature on my iPod that lets me listen to things double time so I was able to finish these last couple of books very quickly! And the narrator was almost tolerable. Woo hoo!!

 Looking for a Miracle follows Rebekah Stoltzfus, the niece of Miriam from A Merry Heart, who was injured in that book by a tree limb that fell on her. Rebekah is confined to a wheelchair although she can walk with the use of leg braces and arm crutches. Rebekah feels she will be an old maiden because who would love her with the burden that she will be. She does get an idea to open a greenhouse because she loves plants and flowers and she ends up being able to make a living for herself.

Of course, with every one of these books, love is dangled in front of the main character and she does several things to push it away before finding "the way back to God" and having everything work out.
In Plain and Fancy, Laura Meade meets Eli, the son of Rebekah Stoltzfus Beachy's best friend. (Did I ruin Looking for a Miracle for you? I doubt it since you should be able to figure out that the main character always finds love!) Eli is Amish and Laura is English. Or as the Amish might say, Eli is Plain and Laura is Fancy. They spend time together even though they both know that they shouldn't and they fall in love. They try to break up and then Laura gives in and offers to become Amish for Eli.

Does Laura survive? Can she make is as an Amish woman?

Do you really have to ask??

I have to say that the author really aggravates me by writing each non-Amish person as a stereotype of some kind. I mean, in her books, Amish are good and non-Amish are BAD!! Seriously? Again, I am so glad that these were the last books of hers that were in my iPod.

In The Hope Chest, Rachel Beachy is in love with Silas who is in love with Rachel's older sister Anna. (And yes, Rachel and Anna are Rebekah's daughters ~ she found her miracles.) Anna has a secret that she is keeping from everyone, but she doesn't fret about it for long because she secretly marries another Amish man and they leave the Amish community. Silas is heart broken and Rachel doesn't want to be sloppy seconds to the man that she loves.

Or does she?

If you like to read books that are written for young adults even though they are classified as Adult books, these are for you. If you like to read something very, very light that you can get through in like 3 hour, these are for you. If you don't mind that things are repeated incessantly (good God! How many times could the family harp on the fact that Silas brought Anna home from one singing so they were courting and on their way to marriage and they didn't understand how things went wrong from there?ARGH!!), by all means, read these books.

I myself and ready for something that will challenge my mind a little more. And lucky for me, the next Linda Fairstein book is on my bedside table! Woot!

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