Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In and Machine Envy

What a productive day!! I was super busy at work and got so much done and when I got home, I kept going!

Last night, my friend from the quilt shop that I used to work at stopped by and we discussed quilt frames and our machines. I showed her how to use the red snappers and we loaded a quilt on the frame. While she was telling me about her machine, the beloved HQ Avante, I got so envious! I really want that set up!

I spent every free moment I had today trying to think of ways that I could upgrade my set up and the only logical way is to bring in more quilts and get more quilting done. At the beginning of last weekend, I had 4 quilts to quilt for others and that is the most that I have had at one time since last November. I quilted one last weekend and just finished up another. I'm going to get another one loaded on the frame this weekend and should be able to have the 4th done by the end of next weekend.

Then, I won't have any quilts to quilt for others and I will have to work on my quilts. Isn't there someone out there who needs something quilted? Something queen size or smaller to be quilted in an all over free motion design or a panto? My prices are on the quilting tab. And I have a FB page as well with updates and pictures of the designs and my work. And for the rest of this year, I am paying half of the return shipping on any packages that need to be shipped back.

OK, enough of my begging for work!

Tonight, I got all three of the pups to play even though Maisy didn't want to do much. And after I ate, I tried to quilt a little, but I was having issues with my thread and needle combo. After the third break, I ripped out all of the quilting - it totally was less than a row, but still a bit irritating. I decided to straighten out the backing a little and realized that I have the directional backing the wrong way and it would have been upside down on the quilt. It's a very good thing that the needle and thread didn't like each other!

Once I got everything straightened out and the top flipped around, I quilted one pass with a size 14 topstitch needle and it worked beautifully with the Coates and Clark thread! So I took the dogs for a walk! When we got back, the dogs napped while I finished quilting the quilt.

They are definitely getting more used to each other and Lula is making herself at home. And there have been 'words' between her and each of the other two pups. No blood has been drawn, but I am still keeping a close eye on all of them. Lula and Maisy made themselves at home on dog blankets in the basement while I quilted.

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of the quilt I finished tonight. It is just adorable and I can't wait to show it off!!


Zany Quilter said...

I hope you get more quilting jobs so you can upgrade soon! What about "modern" quilting at the local modern quilt guild?? It is easy, light, might be an option?? Nice to see the pups getting along..

Kristie said...

Good luck getting more quilting jobs! I'm sure you will with time. It seemed like it took my business forever to get started real good. Just hang in there. I decided long ago that if I ever upgrade it would be to the HQ Avante. I know a few people that have them and just love them. Not a bad set up for the price at all.

scraphappy said...

I have an HQ 16 and just love it. The Avante looks even better with just a little bit of extra quilting space. I am sure the quilting will pick up as you keep going with it. It hasn't been all that long that you have been at it. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

So glad you figured out the upside down back before you did the quilting! Good luck getting more quilts in!

Tracy said...

Hi Jill,
I am this close to getting a machine quilter. I may go to the store tomorrow and order it. I've wanted one for a LONG time. I hope you can get your upgrade. The one I'm thinking about is the Husqvarna Platinum 3000. I don't forsee starting a business though...I just want to be able to finish quilts!