Thursday, September 13, 2012

My dental work

Tuesday morning, I had a bit of dental work done. I mentioned it a couple of months ago in relation to a root canal that I had done in April. I was a little hesitant about mentioning anything at all because I didn't want to have a bunch of people post their bad experiences that would freak me out about everything.

The appointments that I have had in the last week have not been too terrible and the periodontist said that I did great with everything. Now, it's time to heal.

Healing is exhausting!! I slept until almost 9 yesterday, took a 2+ hour nap in the afternoon and then went to bed at 10. And I was absolutely exhausted!

I'm glad that I took off the rest of the week from work because I have no idea how I would have handled all of that along with the healing.

I was actually a little excited to have the procedure done on Tuesday. I am including the You Tube video of the animation of the procedure using a laser to clean up the gum tissue. It's an animation so there is no blood included, but watch at your own risk. :)  And the periodontist ended up doing more work than they initially thought that they would. I still have no idea what all was going on except that at the end he shaved down a little on my lower teeth to adjust my bite and take pressure off of my top front teeth.

And now, I just have to follow some instructions from the office and wait for things to heal and see how it is all looking at my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks. The toughest part right now is following the dietary restrictions. Isn't it awful to start craving the few things that you must not have? Can everyone just have a few Doritos for me? :)


Kristie said...

I sure hope you are feeling well! Take it easy and try to enjoy your time off.

Jean(ie) said...

oh my, you are brave to have this done.... very brave!

Jennifer said...

Looks painful - glad you have the time to recover and hope each day gets better. I will be happy to have a few Doritos for you!

Regina said...

a few for you... a few for me... oops there went the entire bag!

scraphappy said...

Hope you are on the mend soon. Dental work is just no fun, but imagine how sad our quality of life would be with bad teeth?

Laurel said...

Hope you're feeling better now. DId you have all your teeth done, or just some. I hope you'll be ready for the cinnomon roll next month!

Lori said...

Oh wow, what they can do now! I was hoping for a tooth replacement video. I need a couple and I've been dragging my feet.

Do you have a search box on your blog? I wanted to know when/how you got Lulu???