Sunday, December 16, 2012

New addition!

I will be sharing my Dresden Plate quilt tomorrow for Design Wall Monday. And I will pull a winner tomorrow for the Quilting Gallery Birthday Giveaway. I'm just too excited to share my news right now!

I think that trolling Craigslist for vintage sewing machines is going to become a habit for me... I have already found 2 more that are soooo ME it isn't funny! Trying to control myself a little... :)

Friday night, while I was watching Bonnie on her Quilt Cam, she was talking about CraigsList and finding great deals for the vintage sewing machines. I checked out the Cincinnati listings and found a really great listing for a Featherweight, but there was no price listed. I sent an email asking if there was a ball park range they had in mind. The pictures of the machine were fantastic and I was assuming that it would be out of my range.

I waited most of Saturday for a response and when I got one, I was shocked that there was a sale pending for under $200. I mean, all the attachments were included, the machine was in pristine condition and the case was there as well. I was put on the wait list and figured that I didn't have a chance.

Then, I got an email that the lady who was to pick it up last night didn't show and did I still want it. OF COURSE!!!

Pardon me while I show it off a little!


There is a little wear on the handle of the case, but the loops from the handle to the case's hooks are metal. I think this will hold for a while.


Serial number indicates a June 18 1948 birthday. I had to hunt for the serial number because I thought it would be on the top of the machine in plain view.


Winding a bobbin.


I finally got it to sew and with a good tension. She will take a little getting used to. And the tension is as high as it will go, but I think it should be set just a tad higher. I'm not ready to mess with that right now. I figured out how to adjust the stitch length and it will work for piecing!


The case and all the accessories.


The woman who sold it to me even pointed out that it had the original shipping packaging.

I'm hoping to start the Easy Street mystery this week and I think that it would be nice to piece that on this machine. Now, to think of a name.... Any suggestions?


Jennifer said...

Hmmm, how about something Irish since the original shipping box was headed to the home city of Notre Dame? Congrats on your great find!

Vic H. said...

Nice purchase...I'd look at popular baby girl names in '48 and pick one from the list...I have a '37 and the stitch is just perfect. Take it apart and detail it--all will be well! Also, there is wood under the black paper on the case. It can be refinished, if you are up for it. Mine is in a post from July 26th, was a fun little project and worth the time...

Enjoy it!! Bonnie would love that you are doing her mystery quilt on a vintage machine!!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Cuidado!!!Este vício é pior que hexágonos,já tenho cinco...e indo.A primeira que comprei chama-se MARIPOSA,gosto de trabalhar a noite.Tenho também Coruja,Gambá e Lamparina.Esta última eu vou dar o nome de Chiquinha.Beijos e FELIZ NATAL!

thea said...

I have a couple of older machines that I haven't sewn on yet. Will do when I have my sewing room .. lovely machine!

Jean(ie) said...

The crappy ones here are advertised for $495. Yours was a steal. I paid $200 for mine and it didn't have the box. but then I already had a tote for it.

elizabeth said...

Congrats Jill, I have my grandmothers old pedal machine but have never used it.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

WOW! Merry Christmas to you. Great find! Enjoy it!!

Coyote Quilts said...

Darling Jill, Just an FYI on these machines, the threading goes from right to left through the needle and that may be some of your tension issues. I know every
time I sit down and use mine I have to re-thread :).... Great buy, by the way....