Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some Accomplishments

This week, I almost had a meltdown about everything that I have to get done, but then I got a message to just let things go and if they get finished, great! If not, great!

I discussed my Dresden Plate quilt plan with Regina and I think that I have a workable pattern in my head. Quilting is still up for discussion, but getting the quilt done is a #3 priority right now.

Number one priority is getting a quilt quilted for Heather. Today was my self imposed due date and I might just make it! I have been practicing a new quilting design and I started on the quilt last night. Here is the first pass. (If you want to see pictures of quilting almost immediately, follow my Facebook page. I try to post pictures of new designs and new quilts on the frame before I really get going on the quilting.)

Double loops! I got the idea from one of Angela Walters books that I ordered from Amazon and had delivered in the last couple of weeks.

These books are great and I can't wait to try more of the designs on future quilts!

I also spent Thursday night finishing this wall hanging. The 80th birthday party is tonight and when I delivered it yesterday, my co-worker loved it.

And as if getting through half of the priority #1 quilt last night wasn't enough, I stayed up way too late cleaning and sorting through fabric and other stacks of paper and the house is looking pretty good this afternoon!

Max has been helping with the bugs that have been getting in and I think that tonight, we will dance with the vacuum cleaner before bed.


Jennifer said...

The quilting and the wall hanging both look great! Hope you and Max have fun with the vacuum cleaner!

Angela Walters said...

Thanks so much for ordering the books!! I hope they are helpful and inspiring!! You did a great job on the quilt for your friend, what a great memory!! And little Max is too cute!!