Thursday, October 3, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 10/3

I finished a book today that I can not wait to review! But to keep myself in order, I need to review the two or three books next in my read list. :)

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is another historical fiction told from Hadley Richardson's point of view. Hadley was Ernest Hemingway's first wife and they lived in Paris for most of their marriage. Hadley was 7 or 8 years older than Ernest and they lived off of her trust funds while he spent his time writing and trying to make a name for himself. And then he met Pauline and started an affair with her and expected Hadley to go along with it. And she doesn't.

After reading about the Lindbergh's, I was extremely happy to see that Hadley didn't want any part of Ernest's affair with Pauline while Pauline tried to remain her friend. The vacation that they all took together about made me sick. But Hadley kept her dignity through the whole thing. And Ernest signed over all the profits to The Sun Also Rises and it makes me want to buy a copy just for that reason! While in Paris, Hadley and Ernest lived just above poverty level and it was refreshing to see that they didn't have to match the Jones', but they still got along and seemed to have enjoyed their life there. I have to say that I enjoyed this book markedly more than The Aviator's Wife.
Big Girl Panties was a refreshing change from all the historical novels that I had been reading. Written by Stephanie Evanovich, this is a novel that I found on my library's website. Holly is a widow who allowed herself to be consumed by grief while trying to find relief in the refrigerator. She meets Logan, a buff personal trainer, while on a trip home from Toronto. To stifle her own disdain at being the fat chick sitting next to a God, she starts a conversation which leads to Logan offering her his services to try and get back into shape. Holly accepts. And so begins love story?

I thought this was a cute book about the trials of trying to lose weight and impress a guy without trying to come off as 'hot' for him. As Holly sheds the pounds, Logan and Holly become friends and he helps her come out of her shell. Definitely a light hearted read with some pretty humorous parts. I would definitely read another novel by this Evanovich.

Deadly Forecast is the most recent in the Psychic Eye series by Victoria Laurie. Abby and Dutch are preparing for their wedding in less then four weeks and avoided Cat, Abby's sister and the wedding planner, as much as possible. Abby continues to get horrible feelings about the wedding day every time she thinks of the ceremony and now she is seeing Dutch in mortal danger. Since Dutch is working on a local bombing case, Abby decides that she needs to work the case as well.

As the wedding gets closer, more bombings occur and Abby and Candice seem to be spinning their wheels all around the bomber without really seeing who he is.

I think that this was a good installment for the series and Abby didn't whine as much in this novel. I am still a little confused about why there is a need for "creative cursing" and that is becoming a little annoying. She is on the FBI force and giving a "it doesn't count when ..." I mean, who cares! Just type the damn curse word! (Do you like what I did there? ha!) This might have been one of the better novels in the series.

What are you reading?

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