Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilt #42 - Wonky Houses

I was working on this quilt for about a week - before and after Retreat at Hueston Woods. I finally got it finished and returned it to Michelle at the Guild meeting on Wednesday.

Here is the quilt in almost full view. The top is folded down about halfway so that Michelle could show off the houses to the guild meeting.


Here are the houses. I quilted scallops in the roofs and several lines in the doors to give just a little distinction.

101_2325 Bricks

101_2326 I tried to do wonky triangles here.

101_2327 Overlapping arches

101_2328 I tried to do a design in this house, but I didn't like how it turned out so much so it is the only one.

101_2330 pebbles

101_2331 Bricks again -I think you can see the roof design very well in this picture.

101_2334 triangles again

101_2335 Arches

101_2336 Pebbles and this might be my favorite house for how it turned out.

101_2337 And bricks again

And the grassy area... There was quite a bit of extra fabric because she wanted it to be crinkly and overlapping.



I love how this quilt turned out, but it was quite a stretch for me since I don't like to do custom work. Michelle was so thrilled with it so I am happy with the outcome!

Sorry about the picture heavy post, but I think that each house deserved to be shown off. :)


elizabeth said...

Jill, I think you did a great job on custom quilting the houses. Very interesting design

Brenda said...

Never apologize!!! You inspire people with what you show and this is no exception. I would have not thought of doing each house it's own way, and seeing that was fun.

I have a 'future' project that when she quilted it, she made the quilting look like grass - and that just seemed like a fun way to quilt - and look at your 'grass'!! Perfect!!!

Jennifer said...

That is great custom quilting! Love all the different patterns in the houses :)

Regina said...

I know this was way outside your comfort zone- but it looks AWESOME!!!