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Book Review Thursday - 12/5

I am a little late on this week's review (writing this post on Saturday), but I haven't posted any reviews for the last couple of weeks and I am getting behind.
In the next Sookie Stackhouse book, All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris, Sookie has to travel to the Vampire Summit with the Louisiana vampire queen, Sophie-Anne, and her entourage. Sophie-Anne wants to use Sookie's telepathic abilities during the summit to see who is trying to take her power. Once in the vampire hotel, strange things start happening and Sookie tries to piece everything together before it's too late.

I'm really enjoying this series and I think that once I finish reading them I will try and watch the series. It's interesting to read the author's take on the hierarchy of the vampire world. And most of the characters are quirky and memorable from book to book. In this book, the telepath that Sookie met in Houston is also at the Summit and they discuss their ability and spend some time reading minds together. I hope they get to meet up again.
In From Dead to Worse, Sookie and the vampires are trying to recover from the happenings at the Vampire Summit. And the Were community decides that it is time for their own power struggle. And Eric and Bill are struggling to earn Sookie's love while she is wondering what happened to her were boyfriend, Quinn, after the Vampire Summit.

Lots going on in this book, but not one main story. It felt a little like a set up from the last installment to the next. I am enjoying Amelia who is Sookie's roommate and a witch who is hiding out from her coven in New Orleans after bungling a spell. Dead and Gone, the Were Community has decided to go public now that everyone is comfortable with the vampires in the world. But on the night of the announcement, Jason's wife is found murdered and nailed to a cross in the parking lot of the bar. As the investigation begins, Sookie also learns that her great-uncle who is also a fairy wants to kill her and allt he other humans who are part fae. And so another war begins.

I am still totally enjoying the non-realistic portions of this series. And I am starting to really look forward to seeing how it was carried across in the TV series. While the characters are somewhat predictable this far into the series, there are still things that happen that are a bit surprising. between all of the vampire reading, I have also listened to Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger which is a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. The story picks up with Andy Sachs ten years after she quits working for Miranda Priestly. The book opens with Andy's wedding to Max who reigns from a high ring in the NYC social ladder and who is quite a catch for Andy. Max was one of the investors into Andy and Emily's magazine venture, The Plunge. And yes, it is THAT Emily who was the co-assistant to Miranda from Andy's Runway days.

Andy realizes several weeks after the wedding that she is pregnant, but she hides that from Max for weeks. Andy and Emily have an offer from a publishing company to buy The Plunge, but it would mean working for Miranda again. And Emily really wants to sell. Also, Andy is still hung up on a letter from her mother-in-law to Max that Andy found on the wedding day encourgaing Max to rethink the wedding.

And yes, all of that was shoved into one novel. I felt like the storyline was quite choppy in that the novel spanned more than a year, but skipped months at a time that left me wondering what happened that I missed. And while Andy felt a lot of angst about working for Miranda again, she never seemed to just put her foot down for herself and demand to be heard by Max and Emily. There was also still quite a bit of talk about the ex from the previous novel. From ten years ago. So there is an obvious feeling that she still pines for him. I bought this from Audible, but I suggest saving your money and getting it from your local library. It just doesn't add up to the original.

What are you reading?

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