Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday Snow Day

Yesterday, with the big snow storm heading out way, I decided to play the wuss card and I worked from home all day. I was super productive working without the distractions usually encountered in the office and I hope that I can do more! It's so nice to be able to get work done and relax a little in the comfort of my own home!

Before I logged on, I watched a bit of news and did a little piecing on the Split Nine Patch blocks.

Photo: A little morning sewing on this cold and wet day. I'm working from home today so I had extra time before I had to log in. #ohcraft #darlingjillquilts #quiltblock

After I worked, I quilted on this photo quilt.

Photo: #quilting the next one. #darlingjillquilts #ohcraft #hqavante

After I got the quilting done, I went back to my blocks. I now have 19 blocks done and I need 48 for the layout. Not too bad!

And here is the final total of snow from yesterday and overnight. It sounds like the evening rush hour was pure hell and I am so glad that I wasn't out to get stuck in it!

Photo: Final tally for the evening. Five inches of snow. I think it's done for now, but there might be more tomorrow.


elizabeth said...

Jill you got some much done, diving home was bad yesterday. It took me a while to get car cleared enough to drive home. had a dumb person cut me off so he could get on expressway watched another car siding back and forth in front of me on Colerain Ave. State doesnt do a good job of clearing it. Cant wait to see that split 3 patch finished.

Jennifer said...

I really enjoy the occasional work from home day. Looks like you made good use of your commute time :)

swooze said...

What a creative use for a quilt ruler!