Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review Thursday - 1/2

For the first book review post of 2014, I am going to give an update to how my reading was for the year compared to past years.

In 2009, I started keeping track of the books that I was reading and keeping track of the authors that I enjoyed so that I could keep reading them. Since then, I have kept the spreadsheet going with a new tab for each year.

In 2009, I read 59 books.
In 2010, I read 61 books.
In 2011, I read 71 books.
In 2012, I read 67 books.

And my total for 2013.... 92 books!! I am shocked myself! :)
Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe was the last book that I finished in 2013. I figured that a quick read was the way to go after I spent so much time quilting and then rushing to get my own Christmas presents finished for the gift exchanges.

Enzu is the CEO of a huge corporation and has become the sole provider for his niece and nephew since his brother and SIL died tragically. Enzu has decided that he needs to find a mother for the children and that this woman will also be his wife to make things easier.

Audrey works as a customer service rep in Enzu's company and has been caring for her brother for 6 years since he came out and their parents disowned him and Audrey for supporting him. When Audrey overhears Enzu's secretary talking about his search for a mother for the children, Audrey decides to apply for the job. After all, she has loved Enzu since she saw him in person 4 years prior.

I have no idea why I read this book except that I knew it would be a quick read and I was through it in about 2 days. And since I don't usually read Harlequins, I don't really have anything to measure it against. It did seem as though the ending happened really fast as if Monroe knew she had met her requirements for the book and she just needed to wrap it up quickly.

What are you reading? Do you have any reading or book goals for 2014? Share in the comments. :)

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Pam in Cincinnati said...

i'm not quite halfway through stephen king's the shining as of tonight. i was going to read dr. sleep, but i'd heard there were a lot of differences between the book and movie versions of the shining and figured i should probably start by reading the original before starting the sequel. so far it hasn't creeped me out too badly.