Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quilt # 52 - Road to Ashland

This was the last quilt quilted in 2013 so I continued with the number from 2013. Fifty two quilts quilted on the Avante. Woot!! It was a great year.

This quilt is Road to Ashland and the pattern is a free one from Judy's site called Road to Llano. I made this for my cousin who graduated from high school and is going to Ashland University. She worked really hard to go to this school and I am so proud of her!

I used a yellow variegated King Tut in the top and a yellow Bottom Line in the bobbin and Square Spiral panto.

This is the quilt I was quilting when the tension spring on the machine broke in the middle of quilting, but it still turned out well.





I think that I really ended 2013 on a high note!


Regina said...

Love the pictures of it in the snow! Wow - 52?! That's like one per week!!!

Michele said...

You certainly did. It is just beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Great use of the new machine - I have no doubt you will top that number quickly this year! Love the quilt in the snow!