Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review Thursday - 1/30

Finally! I have finished books!
The Double Wedding Ring by Clare O'Donohue is the newest book in her quilting mystery series. Nell has settled into her new life in Archer's Rest - living with her grandmother, working in her grandmother's quilt shop and dating the town's sheriff, Jesse. Right now, everyone is helping to finalize plans for her grandmother's wedding to Oliver that is just a couple of weeks away. And then a body is found in a car outside of Jesse's house and it ends up being his old partner from NYC. With all the outsiders from NYC wandering around town and Nell's parents in for the wedding, she is starting to question her future with Jesse.

Quite a bit of this book dwelled on how Nell was feeling about Jesse and marriage and she almost didn't seem to get into the investigating. It seemed she was worried enough about the people from the partner's life to keep up with things, but I felt like she was off her game in a way. All is explained in the end and the book was a nice addition to the series. I feel like it took me a little longer to get through this one though.
Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy was recently released. If you have never heard about Bridget Jones in book format or the screen version, you have lived under a rock for a while and I pity you for that. HA!! In the press tours prior to publication, it was announced that Mark Darcy has died and that Bridget is a widow. While many people got upset about this, I heard from a friend that it was a really good book and I added it to my library list.

Bridget is a widow and struggling to get her life back on course. It has been 5 years since Mark was killed and she is ready to move past the depression. The good thing is that the struggles with weight, social awkwardness and overall disorganization are still abundant in her life. As are her friends Jude, Tom and the other gal. And Daniel Cleaver. New additions are Billy and Mabel as Bridget and Mark's children and a slew of teachers and schoolmates and their parents for Bridget to show off her social awkwardness to. And Roxster - the 29 year old twitter follower who becomes her toy boy.

If you read the other two Bridget books, read this one. It is fantastic reading Bridget's account of re-finding herself. Every obsessive compulsive bit of it.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Thanks for the Clara O'Donohue recommendation. I've read 1? Maybe 2 from that series and forgot about it. I think I'm going to order the next one I need for my Kindle.

thea said...

Think I'll have to go back and read the Bridget Jones books. Sounds fun!