Friday, January 10, 2014

My Friday Night...

Tonight on my way home from work, I picked up a quilt for Gillian to be quilted and figured that it was time to get my check spring replaced on the Avante. It took about as long to replace as it did to find an Allen wrench the right size - about an hour and a half total. Next time, it will definitely be quicker!

Photo: I think I fixed the tension check spring! I will need to test it out tomorrow!

And then to celebrate the new spring and cleaning up the house, I enjoyed a mango margarite in my Squeezy Freezy. The liquid never got into a slushie form, but the cup definitely kept the beverage cold longer than usual and it was yummy!

Photo: And to celebrate the win over the tensioner on the long arm, I'm going to test out my Squeezy Freezy with a little mango margarita mix!! @rlanfam @janetp203 @nsmith7120 @montgolabo @wsm1152icloudcom

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Jennifer said...

Perfect way to spend a Friday night!