Monday, June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 6/30

Friday night, I went to Stitches for a Stitch In. There was a big group there and, while I was exhausted from all the late nights at work, I was able to assemble this Sew Together bag! The chatter from the ladies really helped me get through it. :)

Sew Together Bag

I made this bag with scraps left over from the quilt that I made for my cousin for her high school graduation in her college colors - University of Ashland.


I made the outside of the bag out of HSTs and sewed it to a piece of poly batting. To make it easier, I made the bag a little larger to accommodate the size chevrons. And for the most part, the full chevrons remained in tact.

Here is the inside of the bag.

Sew Together Bag

Sew Together Bag


Ramona said...

I just bought the pattern to make this bag. Now I need to decide on fabric. Your bag looks great! And I love your quilt!!

Rhonda R said...

What a great bag. I really like all the pockets--and what a beautiful quilt!

Vicki C said...

I bought this pattern about a month ago, and made my bag last weekend. The pattern was very easy to follow, and the bags are great. I love the colors you used for your bag.

Bonnie said...

Does your cousin get the bag too? It looks great. There is nothing like a friendly group to get you into a sewing mood. It makes me want to go to another retreat! So, how many more of this bag is in your future?

Unknown said...

Can I ask how you got your binding on the sides? I tried making this pattern this weekend and it went great, right up to the point of sewing the sides and things went off the rails. There was just too much bulk. I feel like a moron, everyone else seems to be able to make this work but me.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Responding to Sarah Poole - I would've sent you an email, but you are a No reply commenter.

On this bag, I machined the side binding to the inside of the bag and then hand stitched the binding to the outside of the bag. I did have to push the bag through in some spots.