Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Sew Day of 2017

Saturday, I went to my quilting frenemy Barb's house to sew. We haven't sewn together in so long, which is the norm with us. But when we get together, it is for enormous blocks of time and late into the night!

I worked on 3 Snuggies that should've been finished and sent out to have been received by Christmas, but I had so many quilts to quilt that it just didn't happen.

After I got those done and had dinner with Barb's family, I cut out 4 table runners. These also should've been done for Christmas presents. Well, 2 should've been done, but 2 I didn't have the fabric for until the Thursday after Christmas.

And Sunday, I worked on cross stitch and hand stitched the binding down on a customer quilt. One more to bind and they can be shipped back!

LIFO!! Get them done and get them out! Maybe that will be my mantra this year!

Now, I have to get things packed up and shipped out. Baby steps...


Jennifer said...

Great start to the year and I love the LIFO concept, think I am going to do that too (at least for now!).

Beth said...

I am impressed! you got alot accomplished! It tends to be full speed or a slow crawl around here. Trying to get motivated to go to craft day at my church. Last time I went, no one spoke to me.S I G H...maybe I am destined to be the greeter!