Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking towards 2018

I started this year thinking that I would make a HUGE comeback on the blog.... I did really well for a few weeks and that was it.

As 2017 is coming to a close and I am getting back to reading several blogs for inspiration, I am getting re-energized about quilting and my projects and keeping myself accountable to my goals. I am looking forward to joining in a blog challenge for 2018 for UFOs and BOMs. I am ready to get some of these long term projects finished!

This morning, I opened my blog and saw my posts from January and they made me smile thinking about how the year started and I realized that I have done a lot this year.

I spent a lot of time this year learning to cook and learning what foods I like. Brussel sprouts are not the devil! And cauliflower rice is pretty good with cooked with garlic and parmesan which is something I learned after making tandoori chicken with cauliflower rice and realizing that the flavors of that dish are not my cup of tea. I have spent the past few months bypassing the Home Chef deliveries and remaking some of the recipes that I really enjoyed and it's been awesome!

Spending so much time in the kitchen made me realize that the kitchen needs an upgrade and part one was accomplished with new appliances that I love! Step two will commence as soon I have a chance to test out a finish on a cabinet that will be removed.

I also got a new car this month that I am finding so much enjoyment in driving! This one is going to be so spacious when packing for quilt retreats and I can't wait for the first one to try it out.

I have been really learning a lot with the Deb Tucker rulers and the BOM class at my local quilt shop. The rulers are fantastic and I have signed up for the 2018 BOM and a separate Tucker University class to practice with the rulers. I have finished three tops and have a couple more started using the rulers and I am looking forward to working with them a lot more in the coming months and years.

I have not quilted as much this year as I had anticipated. I hope to correct that in the new year. Both for me and for customers.

And work has been very interesting this year in the quantity and type. Things should be slowing down a bit now that 2 additional people have been hired and started this month and work will be slowly spread a little more. I'm just hoping that it leads to a less hectic beginning of the month on a more regular basis. Time will tell.

And because no post would be complete without a picture, here is my niece with the llama pillow I made from the Lloyd and Lola pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. I made one for myself, too, but still need to get it quilted.


Teri said...

Love the pillow. I have added it to my list since My daughter is living in Peru.

Jennifer said...

Great to see a post from you Jill - I’ve enjoyed watching your cooking adventures, and especially enjoyed the recipe that you shared with me 🙂. Maybe we can encourage each other to pick up the quilting and blogging this year - I haven’t done nearly as much as I hoped.