Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

I have been battling bronchitis this past week, but I have still made some time to reflect on this past year and look forward to 2018 with a list in my head of the things that I want to accomplish. This weekend, I spent a bit of time cleaning and disinfecting and the house is in much better shape!

Yesterday, I went through some projects and came up with a list of my 18 in 2018. This will be the list that I focus on for the BOM's Away posts throughout the year, as well. Assuming that I keep up with the blogging, but that is absolutely my plan at this moment. I want to keep myself accountable and keep up and get some things done and stop promising that something will be done soon.

Here are the projects that I pulled out and I am ashamed to say that I didn't remember a few of the projects. I am very pleased to see that some projects were stored with notes or flags as to what I was planning on pattern-wise.

1. Road to Llano for my parents. I have had these fabrics since 2013 to make this quilt.


2. Avatrix quilt. This was a kit from Craftsy and was a steal! A FQ bundle and yardage for a great price. Almost everyone in my quilt group got a kit and then no one has ever made it. Once I started the Deb Tucker ruler BOM last year, my partner in Crime, Tina, even bought a kit. Our plan is to work on this quilt and Tucker-ize the pattern.

3. Thimbleberries 2008 BOM quilt. This is all cut out and some of the blocks are actually made. I started this when I worked at the Best Friends quilt shop. This fabric is not my cup of tea anymore, but I am sure that when I get the quilt finished that someone will love it.

4. The Super Secret quilt project. Again, when I worked at Best Friends, some organized a super secret quilt with blocks that they picked from a book. I am sure that some of them finished their quilts, but Barb and I did not. I got everything cut out and put it away. The quilt is for Barb so it would be nice to get it finished so that she can actually use it. The binder includes all the blocks and the pieces for the blocks and notes that I made when cutting. This was from 2010.

 5. Judy Martin's Finger Lakes log cabin. This was cut in 2010 and then stored away. (sensing a theme here...)

6. 2017 Deb Tucker Ruler BOM. I bought the kit for this class and have since replaced the black. I made the first four blocks and wasn't blown away with the yellow and got stalled. I have added the three fabrics on the left in the first picture and removed the yellow and the lime green so I need to start over. I do like this color combination much better now though.

7. My brother's quilt. I am still gathering some fabrics. I need a few more browns. The gathering only started within the last 2 years.

8. A quilt for a friend. I have the color scheme set, but need to start picking fabrics and a pattern. Probably a Deb Tucker pattern.

9. Regina's 50th birth year quilt. This needs to be done this year. The pieces were pulled and started at a Bonnie Hunter class through my guild maybe 2 years ago. Turkey Tracks.

10. Halloween quilt with Come Sit a Spell layer cake. I should've started this quilt in 2017.

11. Rick Rack quilt kit with Persimmon line by Basic Grey. A quilt kit from Craftsy.

12. Axis Mod Decor quilt kit (top in the next photo). Another purchase from Craftsy.

13. Love is in the Air quilt kit from Craftsy - bottom in the next photo. (Darn their sales!!)

14. Quilt the 4 Which Witch wall hangings. I have been working on these FOREVER!! I was working on the applique in 2011, but I know that I cut the pieces and had those done for a while before attaching them to the blocks and then a while went by before I satin stitched the edges. Now, they are hanging over my banister upstairs tormenting me daily.

15. Santa rag quilt. I've had this fabric since 2008. Flannels.

16. Window treatments for 3 rooms. Only showing the fabric for 2 rooms here. I've been in my condo since 2001 and had the fabric for all three since about then. I can do this!!!

17. 2009 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. The blocks are done. The finishing kit is here. I just need to bust through it and get it quilted so I can use it!

18. Fresh Flowers quilt kit. This is one collection of layer cakes, charm packs, background and a book that were in an ArtBin and stored. I have no idea for how long. But it's time to get it made.

I am going to be participating in this challenge hosted by Lynette. Here is the link to the challenge page. Come and join the fun! You don't have to pick 18, but I have a plan already for working on each one of these!


Michele said...

An impressive list- and I am TOTALLY stealing the idea of organizing within the boxes with dollar store bins.

swooze said...

Good luck on your goals. Look forward to seeing you here this year.

Regina said...

Love this list! I remember a lot of these. I have't made a list myself -but have my own Judy Martin, and my own Aviatrix - and a couple that are done except for the quilting. Don't know if I will pull 18, but I just might make my own list...

Lynette said...

Hi Jill! So glad to have you in the gang! You have some really terrific quilts in here. Maybe my favorite is Road to Llano, but I can't actually choose. Boy, can I relate to the old projects that no longer appeal so much to us, but wanting to finish it up knowing someone will like it. I was washing fabrics for just such a kit Ifrom something like 2008 or 9) this morning. :)

Jennifer said...

That’s a great list and will certainly keep you busy - love that Aviatrix kit! Did you sew yet this year? 😉

dq said...

The Finger Lake Log Cabin quilt looks spectacular as do so many others.

I bet you will fall in love with those Thimbleberries again. I guess that is exactly why we can't wait too long to make a quilt. The fabric color styles do change.

You have quite the variety of colors in all those projects. That will make the year so much fun! I look forward to following your progress.