Sunday, January 7, 2018

BOMs Away - Road to Llano and Halloween

This is my first BOM's Away post and this goes along with the 18 in 2018.

This week, I finished step 1 on the Road to Llano quilt. This pattern is a free pattern on Judy L's page. I have already made one of these quilts in the purple and gold colorway for my cousin. This one is a king size for my parents. I had to enlarge the pattern on EQ to make it a king size.

It's been a while since I have worked on this many pieces and ended up strip piecing.

I was getting quite a pile going! I forgot to take a picture during the final piece added though.

Here is Step 1 done! 120 units!

This is my #10 18 in 2018. Ten was the number pulled from Judy's UFO challenge and I thought I would work on this one this month, too. I had planned on working on a second project with the Llano quilt so this one was the easy choice. I had a layer cake and some fabric from the line to use for borders and binding. I paired up the 10" squares for the pattern and trimmed one from each pair down. This week, I will work on cutting the black and getting the smaller squares cut for the first step on this project.

Not a bad week for a first effort!

I am linking up over at Lynette's blog for the BOMs Away!


Kristie said...

That is going to turn out nice! I do love that pattern.

Lynette said...

Wow, Jill! You got a lot of work done! Strip piecing was a great choice for that many.

Jennifer said...

Way to go! King size is ambitious, but I bet it will look great!