Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WIP Wednesday and OMG

It seems that there are so many challenges going on with the start of the new year. I would like to continue feeling like I am progressing on my projects and making some sort of headway and I want to join all of these challenges, but I am trying to be realistic and trying to not overwhelm myself because that could result in my giving up. If the last couple of days are any indication of my UFOs and kits that are hiding in my sewing studio, I can't afford to give up!

I am going to join in with the One Month Goal (OMG), but I missed the January link up. This will still help me with focusing on what I want to accomplish.

1. Work on steps 1-3 of Road to Llano (#1)
2. Cut out and piece blocks for Come Sit a Spell (#10)
3. Work on the Sock Monkey HSTs
4. Quilt 2 personal things on To Be Quilted list

This week, I spent a bit of time straightening up my studio and trying to condense the shelves where I pulled my 18 in 2018 projects out. My big idea was to move more of these projects to the shelves that I face when I sew so that they will be sort of in my face as I am sewing. In doing this, I found 3 bags of scraps and only one was identified, but it was with a person's name and not a pattern name. My guess is that this bag was scraps to be made into a Chinese coins quilt to donate to my local guild.

I also found a couple of fabric book panels to be made; what looks like a table runner for Christmas that was already cut out, but I am not sure of the pattern although I have a pretty good idea; and a kit for a small tote from Connecting Threads. Things that I should be able to knock out rather quickly instead of putting them back on the shelves to be lost again.

In moving the kits around, I found a small container with the HSTs from sock monkey fabric that I made from leftovers from a quilt top I made last year. I need to layout a baby size quilt and see how many HSTs I have left. I am hoping that I can use this as a leaders/enders project.

And this easy sew rag quilt has been hanging out in the studio for too long. This morning, I assembled the first 2 rows. Since the fleece will gum up the machine and the seam allowance is for 1", this will be sewn to completion before anything else is worked on.

And I cut the strips for step 2 of Road to Llano. This step does not result in 120 units so I am hoping it goes together quickly!

 Tonight, I stopped in at my quilt shop and picked up my kit for the 2018 BOM which is the Ohio star Deb Tucker BOM that Michelle Renee Hiatt put together. The classes start on Saturday as long as the weather cooperates and I am very excited about this class and most of these colors. (The yellow doesn't excite me so much.)

Last weekend, I went to a new local quilt shop with my pals, Barb and Katy, and picked up these gems. Doxies with balloons and a coordinating dot print! I have no idea what I will do with them, but they make me smile!

I am linking up with Tish's UFO Busting Party.


Kristie said...

Sounds like you have a plan! I'll enjoy watching your progress.

Tish Stemple said...

Isn't it amazing how things you completely forget about jump out at you when you are cleaning up? I love your fabrics for your BOM you will be doing. Do my eyes deceive me or are they all Grunge...drooling :) The little sock monkey HST's are adorable! Thanks for stopping by and partying with me.

piecefulwendy said...

My daughter was helping me clean and reorganize my quilt room and got quite a laugh out of me continually unearthing UFOs. Haha. Now I have them all listed and I'm starting to work on them. You have some fun projects going, and I can see why you like that little doxie print. I think it's good to pick up fabrics just because they make you smile. They'll get used eventually.

Jennifer said...

Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy for the next few weeks! I like that doxie fabric too!