Monday, August 20, 2007

I am a SLACKER!!

So the weekend is over. Bummer! I thought that I would post an update on my weekend to show that I was such a slacker.

The weekend started on Saturday EARLY! My chapter worked at the Crayons 2 Computers. We have worked there several times in the past and we always thought that the hours were 9-12. (OK, I thought those were the hours. ) The last couple of times that we were there, we showed up at 9 and everyone was already working so we were put in the back to sort cards. The US Playing Card Company is based in Cincinnati and they have a deal with C2C to donate any 'bad' cards - cards that can't be used in normal decks. The last time we were there, we had to sort cards from a LARGE box that sat entirely on a skid and was FULL of cards. There was a hole cut in the box and someone had rigged a slide to go from the hole to a smaller box on the floor. We had to start emptying the large box, pulling out certain types of cards, and letting the rest fall into the box at the bottom. It was a lot of leaning over and my back hurt for days after that!

So, when I called to schedule our dates for the fall, they said that the hours were 8-11. And it all started to make sense as to why we were stuck in the back with the 'crap' job. We got there at 8 and were actually put in the 'store' area to stock shelves. Between the 3 of us, we finished our area by 9:30 and had to start asking for other things to do. At 10:30, they finally told us that we were done. We really enjoyed being in the front of the store and we are looking forward to the next time that we can go and work.

Once we were done, we had planned on going to Don Pablo's for lunch. Since they didn't open until 11, we drove slow to get to the restaurant on the river and since it was such a nice day, we sat outside and were able to watch the boats on the river. We didn't think things through all the way and were bombarded with birds! Some of the birds were very pathetic looking and, being the animal lovers that we are, we started treating them to chips. The birds were trained well - they didn't fly over us or try to get to close - and when we would throw a whole chip, they took turns getting pieces off to eat. We also had a chapter meeting and discussed our plans for the fall. We are going to try helping at a Food Store in Fairfield. We filled out our paperwork to mail in to volunteer. We decided that we would volunteer once or twice and see if we liked the organization and if the facility was clean and, if we are all comfortable, we will add them to our list of regular places that we will volunteer at. Right now, we really like the Crayons 2 Computers and have 2 more dates to work before Christmas and Amy and Lynn said that I should try and set up more dates for the winter and spring for us to go back. We are hoping to find a Food Store that we can do the same with.

After Don's, I stopped at JoAnn's for the big sale. I got the 'Quilt One and Your Done' book and picked a pattern and bought fabric for it that was on sale. I also got Halloween fabric for another Big shirt for my mom. And of course, the Gutermanns thread was on sale so I had to stock up!

After Joann's, I came home and tried take a nap because I was pooped, but the date kept sending my text messages and I gave up on that idea. I clipped the dogs' toenails. The date ended up asking to do something around 8:30. He wanted to watch the Little League game that the team from Hamilton, Ohio (just up the road from me) was playing in so I let him come over and we watched the game and then channel surfed. He was very gentlemanly and I had a good time with him. And the dogs liked him and I think that he liked the dogs.

This morning, I ran some errands and was so tired when I got home that I slept for 2 hours. Then, I had to work on my purse pieces for my class tomorrow night. I got all the pieces quilted that needed to be quilted. It looks sharp! I had to use a pale pink thread because the shop didn't have anything to match the purple-ish brown and I had to be very careful because the pink would show up more on the brown. It turned out nice.

So, here was my list from the beginning of the weekend of things that I wanted to get accomplished:

For the blog:
1. Post pictures from last weekend when I saw my niece and nephews. DONE
2. Post pictures of Maddy's fabric for her purse from the class on Monday night. DONE
3. Post about ESA. DONE

For the sewing:
1. Quilt the purse pieces for the class on Monday. DONE
2. Finish the hem on Claire's pants.
3. Finish the hem on Spencer's pants and try to figure out about the shirt. (This will make more sense when I post the pictures and explain the shirt.)
4. Go to the big sale and JoAnn's and buy the sale items. DONE

I guess I am not too much of a slacker since I got errands done and volunteered, but I definitely didn't put in as much time sewing this weekend as I had wanted to. There is always next weekend!
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Sunday, August 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
You have had a busy weekend. Can't wait to see your purse, I bet it will turn out beautiful. I just love how you refer to him as "the date". So cute!!! Kristie
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Sunday, August 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Anonymous
Good for you the list was almost completed ,no wonder you were exhusted .
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Monday, August 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Cre8tiveQuilter
I don't think you were a slacker at all!! You got a lot done. Like me you over plan and make your list impossible to accomplish. =) I like how you refer to him as "the date." LOL. That crayons to computers just sounds like an amazing organization. It's too bad we don't have one around here.

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