Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've been tagged

I have been tagged to do the 'Here are the Fours' so that y'all can get to know me a little better.

Jobs I've had
1. Accountant
2. Clerk in a plumbing area of a hardware store
3. Cashier at a local grocery store
4. Drug Dealer (gotcha, didn't I?? I worked in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.) :)

Movies I watch over and over
1. Dave
2. The Princess Bride
3. Gone with the Wind
4. Shawshank Redemption

TV Shows I watch
1. How I Met Your Mother - If you have never watched this show, I urge you to tune in one time. It's great!
2. NCIS - love the uniforms!
3. Men In Trees - Again, tune in one time and you will be hooked. Lots of hotties on this show!
4. Ghost Whisperer

Places I've Lived
1. Fairfield, Ohio
2. Pleasant Run, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio
3. Colerain, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio
4. Western Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio (OK, 2-4 may be cheating, but they were all different houses/apartments)

Favorite foods
1. ice cream - preferably cookie dough
2. fettucine alfredo - haven't had a plate of this in a while due to Weight Watchers
3. cheesecake
4. chocolate covered pretzels (maybe this explains why I have had the weight issues???) :)

Favorite Colors
1. olive green
2. red - really more of a rust
3. brown
4. pink

Places I'd love to be now
1. Anywhere playing with my niece and nephews
2. a quilt retreat - how nice that I am heading to one tomorrow and then in 3 weeks!
3. Florida
4. In a fully outfitted Sewing room - I stole this answer, but it is a really good answer!

Names I like, but wouldn't use for my children
1. Max
2. Phoebe
3. Emma
4. Chandler

Now for the 4 bloggers that I am tagging:
1. Christine
2. Gail
3. Rose Marie
4. Veronica

I hope they play!

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Moneik said...

I seriously love Men in Trees too! It's such a great show and keeps me coming back for more.