Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm a machine!

I finished 8 pillowcases today! And I cleaned up my bedroom and sewing area and put a lot of things in their places.

Here are the pillowcases. The 2 Bengals ones are for the son of a lady at work. His whole bedroom is like a football field. The others are for Claire and Spencer and mostly match the pants that I have made for them.

Now, I have to decide whether to piece the Halloween table runner that I finished cutting for last night or if I should work on my Star and Nine patch homework. And I still need to do 2 fabric books for Ethan.... Decisions, decisions.

Also, I have made great progress on my TiVo items - I only have Grey's Anatomy and Men in Trees left to watch. I think that I will be watching Men in Trees next!

The other thing that I finished last night - the new Jennifer Chiaverini book "The New Year's Quilt." It was pretty good. And I didn't even know that she had a new book released!


Jen said...

You SUCK!!!! I can't believe all you're getting done. I seem to have fallen off the wagon. I'll be sewing tonight and tomorrow.

Michelle said...

It will feel good to go back to work and know you accomplished so much. I have NO idea what Jen talking about. She has been sewing non-stop. You may have passed her in the amount of items completed, but my goodness, look at the quilting she has done!
Good job!

Jen said...

Giggle, by the way I can't wait to read the NY Quilt. I hope to get it for my B-day or X-mas.

Moneik said...

Great job on the pillowcases. You've gotten so much accomplished!

Rose Marie said...

You've done 8 ...... and I have fabric for 3 pillowcases that have been sitting in a bin for ?? years .... and you've done 8!!!! and in how many hours? Well done, you!

Heather said...

Wow you are a machine I have just been oogling over all the things that you have completed. I have been on leave 4 days now.. and haven't finished much of anything other than cleaning my house a little. I have a list going and haven't checked off anything